The Unscathed Human Spirit

By Dr Teria Shantall

The Question

“What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”

Who are you at heart? Who do you sense yourself to be in essence, in the inner most and core part of your being?

How is this very essence of who you are, manifested? How does it show itself?

We see that we cannot live without a sense of meaning, get anywhere if we do not follow our will to find meaning in life. If this deep and inherent inclination to experience our lives as meaningful is not trodden under foot or horribly distorted, we see that we seek to be someone of worth, to find some real liking of ourselves; that we can hardly live without a sense of dignity and self-esteem.

What does that say of us? What does it tell us about ourselves; about what we are truly like?

The Answer

We must have a purity of soul. It has to be, otherwise all is lost. All our efforts to experience and believe in our own goodness, the worthiness of our lives, all our searches for meaning in our lives would be futile, our very trust in the meaning of life lost, everything will be in vain, if we could not find within ourselves that which we could treasure, preserve, foster and come to manifest.

Self-respect is essential to any and every experience of meaning in life. Without it we have no ground to stand on; no foundation on which to build a life worth living.

We must come from goodness and move towards goodness. Without these two essential pillars and poles, the in-between is utterly senseless. This must be the Alpha and the Omega, the origin and the destination. This is what gives our lives purpose and direction; that makes the beginning towards the end worth the while.

There must be a divinity of spirit. We must have a spark of the Divine, the potential of perfection, a promise of completion, a sacred space to fill out, to make replete with the achievement of what we essentially are: holy. This is the wholeness of life, its contentment, its joy, its destiny!

Do you believe in yourself? What do you believe about yourself? If you are not convinced of your own dignity and worth, of your singularity, uniqueness, like a pearl of great price, how can you go through life in terms of gaining anything of value?

Who you really are is what you have the full potential to be. It must be so!

If this was not so, can any of your efforts at some kind of significance in any way be successful? You must be able to treasure yourself, treasure the life you have been given. This treasure must be hidden in a treasure chest. It is all there. The chest need only to be opened. If you could not become all that you, from the very depths of your being, uncannily know you essentially are, the person you are meant, that is, ordained and therefore expected to be, you may as well give up, give in and give over, and let the blind forces of fate rule and overpower you. Your life will be swallowed up and vanquished; extinguished without a trace. You may as well never have been born.

You cannot become what you are not!