12 blockchain food & agriculture companies in their own words

As the cryptocurrency marketplace continues to grow, various companies are using blockchain and smart contract technology to solve social and environmental issues. Here are twelve of them tackling food and agriculture in their own words from their white papers and websites:

“Pile of freshly picked red apples and purple fruit” by sydney Rae on Unsplash


Provenance enables every physical product to come with a digital ‘passport’ that proves authenticity (Is this product what it claims to be?) and origin (Where does this product come from?), creating an auditable record of the journey behind all physical products. The potential benefits for businesses, as well as for society and the environment, are hard to overstate: preventing the selling of fake goods, as well as the problem of ‘double spending’ of certifications present in current systems.


AgriDigital is an integrated commodity management solution for the global grains industry. We combine high-end technical and industry expertise with beautiful design and intuitive work flows to provide seamless solutions to complex commodity, logistical, risk and customer management issues. We are a global leader in software platforms designed to assist in the transaction and settlement of agricultural commodities and to manage supply chain risk. Through applied blockchain technologies, distributed ledgers and smart contracts, AgriDigital provides real time payment to growers, increased efficiencies for brokers, flexible supply chain for buyers and financiers, and paddock to plate transparency for consumers.


OriginTrail is a unique solution allowing IT providers in supply chains to set up blockchain supported data sharing in multi-organizational environment. It helps them build transparency beyond the “one step down, one step up” traceability principle. Furthermore, it improves the integrity of product data and drives efficiencies for stakeholders.


The arc-net platform has been architected to a number of core tenets to construct a secure, immutable, trusted chain of custody for a product or asset. All data stored and managed by the arc-net platform is protected by the onion skin model of protection. The data itself is encrypted using high grade keys which are stored and managed by a dedicated hardware security module (HSM). The HSM also provides full control and audit of key usage. The arc-net platform creates a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) for every asset within the chain of custody, creating a digital DNA for every product.


By providing a digital trading platform based on blockchain technology, Avenews-GT enables verified agri-businesses, farmers, cooperatives and commercial agri-buyers to transact directly with each other locally and worldwide, to reduce distribution costs, create financial security and increase supply chain transparency.


OwlTing, as a leading technology company, is determined to make a change with Blockchain technology. Hence OwlChain was born, it is a solution using AMIS Blockchain structure. With transparent, safe, unalterable, and inerasable characteristics of Blockchain, we are able to develop a tracing system for pork. From the birth record of the pig, to the vaccine it receives, the animal feed it takes, and the location of cutting, every process would be recorded as a node on Blockchain. We welcome not only food companies, retail or online stores, couriers, even farmers to join us, all participants can upload production details on OwlChain. Consumers can easily access all information about the food they purchased, from the origins of ingredients, manufacturing process, even the transportation flow. We believe that only the best food manufacturers with integrity are willing to show all of their production processes to the public. The always transparent, unalterable records are the best warranty to the consumers, and the best commitment that a manufacturer can offer.


Ambrosus — Customized combination of robust sensors, biosensors and food tracers assess and monitor in real-time the product’s physical attributes and its surroundings down to the individual unit, coupled with a unique ID, smart tagging and anti-tampering mechanisms. Our sensor system development is ongoing at the EPFL Innovation Park with financing from the Swiss authorities. Supply chains and quality control require a protocol that is resilient and highly scalable. Commercial agreements are encoded as smart contracts. Based on quality and safety data generated by sensors, contracts will self-execute and any disputes will be resolved automatically, with immediate financial settlement and optional dynamic pricing. We are building our protocol on Ethereum, and our Core Technology Partner for the protocol is Parity Technologies.

IBM Blockchain

Traceability and transparency are some of the most important foundations of logistics. IBM Blockchain optimizes business transactions and trading relationships with robustly secure business networks on blockchain — both at scale and globally. Blockchain offers a shared ledger that is updated and validated in real time with each network participant. It enables equal visibility of activities and reveals where an asset is at any point in time, who owns it and what condition it’s in.


The FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM deals will take place with the use of smart contracts, while the transactions will accept a proper cryptocurrency named FoodCoin (FOOD). A wide selection of tools, such as a proper “smart” wallet, a remote user identification system, flexibly configurable smart contracts, authentication of the origin of food and a proper crypto payment processor, will let the business process participants related to food choose and customize the essential platform parameters to reduce current expenses. A significant potential may be in using FoodCoin Ecosystem in social projects. FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM has the plans to support food and ag startups with the verified model, innovation content and the significant growth potential using the platform of 1000EcoFarms and FCE blockchain. The special crypto fund will be founded with this aim of view. The purpose of fund will be an effective use of liquid money to build an integral ecosystem.


TE-FOOD is a farm-to-table traceability solution, covering all logistics and food quality activities and data management of the supply chain. It provides cost effective software and identification tools to make livestock and fresh food supply information transparent.


Ripe-io — By uniquely leveraging blockchain technology, we create a digital bridge that engenders transparency, trust, and honesty for food producers, distributors, and consumers. We want to transform the food system narrative by working with every actor along the food supply chain to create a world in which access to data equals integrity, sustainability, security, and better food for all. Farmers will be able to leverage IoT and sensors to automate processes and efficiently meet market demand for high quality, sustainable products. Distributors will be able to transparently track food products to provide real time data on food safety and delivery. Consumers will receive trusted, certified information on the journey of their food, creating a new standard of food quality.

Lokaal Market

Lokaal Market and its digital token LOKA are creating new opportunities for businesses within the food and agriculture industries. Founded by experienced entrepreneurs in these industries as well as seasoned technologists and specialists in finance, our team is designing a money market for these critical businesses. The benefits of using a cryptocurrency for food and agriculture is shown in the immediate advance of tokens during sales transactions, token advances for working capital needs, and access to tokens earmarked as carbon credit redemption, charity, or impact investing. A unique “purpose-designation” feature allows for compliance and administration disintermediation in distributing tokens only to qualified recipients. Blockchain validation of product identity and origin is a feature that helps businesses comply with new traceability regulations and ensure their product value.