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LOL: Weekly List Of Lit
Letter sent on Apr 28, 2017

LOL Issue #10 — (22–28 April, ’17)


1. The Legal Rapist — Simar Singh | (Slam Poem)
2. Prateek Kuhad’s Tum Jab Paas by Prateek Kuhad | (Song, Video)
3. The Anatomy of the Tortured Artist: Why “Sad People” Create — Isha Joshi — (Recommended) | (Article)
4. Fear of Pressure Cookers by Kritarth Srinivasan | (Stand Up Comedy)
5. The Best Kind of Sleep | (Cartoon)
A poem by Gursahiba Gill — (Recommended) 💛
7. The Rhythm and Your Blues — Abhimanyu Gurung (Poem | Recommended )

You can read/watch all of these in LOL Issue #10, on the Medium Pub

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