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LOL: Weekly List Of Lit
Letter sent on Jul 14, 2017

LOL: Issue #20


This week marks the 20th issue of LOL! Here are some of the best poetry/art/lit links to make your weekend an amazing one-

  1. The Shade Card Project by Tara Anand and Anoushka Agrawal (Art and Poetry)
  2. Why my father doesn’t talk anymore by Isha Yadav (Poem)
  3. Leap of Faith- The Boys of Bhedaghat by Apurv Inamdar( Short Film )
  4. Untitled Poem by Swastika Jajoo
  5. What’s in a name? by Daniel Sukumar (Poem)

Special Feature:

Fundamentalism by Naomi Shihab Nye (Poem)

You can find all of it here in LOL: Issue #20


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