LOL: Issue #20

  1. The Shade Card Project by Tara Anand and Anoushka Agrawal (Art and Poetry)

2. Why my father doesn’t talk anymore by Isha Yadav (Poem)

3. Leap of Faith- The Boys of Bhedaghat by Apurv Inamdar( Short Film )

Directed by Apurv Inamdar, this film is the winning entry of the It Happens Only In India contest by Scroll and Deutsche Welle. The film tells the story of daredevil boys of Bhedaghat who jump from cliffs for money.

4. Untitled Poem by Swastika Jajoo

… just to remind ourselves that we are not all that alone 
that poetry doesn’t need an audience 
but hoping someone will read 
and stop 
and say: you brought something alive…

5. What’s in a name? by Daniel Sukumar (Poem)

Special Feature:

Fundamentalism by Naomi Shihab Nye (Poem)

The boy with the broken pencil
scrapes his little knife against the lead
turning and turning it as a point
emerges from the wood again
If he would believe his life is like that
he would not follow his father into war
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