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LOL: Weekly List Of Lit
Letter sent on Jul 28

LOL: Issue #22

This week in LOL:

1. Put a big bird in a small cage — Nandita Singh (I’m a fan of this girl, I’ve heard her before, performing spoken word pieces a couple of times, but I’ve only started reading her blog recently. Read this!)

2. The Most Intimate Photograph by Chris Wiley (Photo credit: Emmet and Edith Gowin)

3. Brittle Borders of Fragile Indian Nationalism by Vasundhara Jairath (shared by Ashwini Ashokkumar)

4. Humour in Poetry: A dying art by Rochelle D’ silva

5. Wildlife by William Evans

6. Just Another Leh Essay via Kaza ft. People, Places, Creatures by myself.

All here: https://medium.com/lol-weekly-lis…/lol-issue-22-5613a727a06d