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LOL: Weekly List Of Lit
Letter sent on Aug 4, 2017

LOL — Issue #23

Good Saturday Morning/Evening!

  1. The Effort — Poem — Sukanya Sinha Roy
  2. What Coffee is to you? — Facebook Comments
  3. No Sense Of Place: To Learn the Meaning of Life From a Four-Legged Therapist — The Wire
  4. Have You Ever Tasted The Quiet —Spoken Word Poem — Hana Vaid
  5. Remembering Jeanne Moreau, the Cinematic Enigma Who Embodied Swag — The Wire
  6. Lord Ram In Court — Hindi Spoken Word Poetry — Gaurav Tripathi — UnErase Poetry
  7. Differences between the moon and a ceiling fan (and other thoughts) — Keerthi Purushothaman’s post on her blog.
  8. Become A Slam Poet In 5 Steps — TedEd Video
  9. What The Fuck Is Slam Poetry — Shantanu Anand

All here: https://medium.com/lol-weekly-list-of-lit/lol-issue-23-df41d7cc03b4

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