“With great power comes great responsibility,” or something like that

I feel there’s something very wrong with being an influencer and not using your platform as an opportunity to give a voice to the people who don’t.

Our community is built on a lot of different types of people, varying in race, religion, gender, sexuality, political opinion, even whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza.

Ever since people started caring about the seemingly mundane bullshit I said and did throughout my day, I knew this was not something I wanted to squander. I knew there were people just like me out there who felt silenced, cornered, frustrated, and scared. That’s why they escaped to the Internet and into gaming, that’s why many of us are here on Twitch; because it’s the only place we feel we belong.

My opinions are strong. My voice is loud. And because of this, I‘ll receive a lot of flack. I’ll stir a lot of pots. I’ll piss people off that could otherwise help me succeed. I’ll be insulted, attacked, demeaned. People will find me annoying and obnoxious and exhausting. I will fail, over and over and over again.

But I would rather take the brunt of those insults rather than find a viewer of mine committed suicide because they were bullied. I would rather MY mentions be filled with hateful, useless people instead of yours. I would rather use my platform to educate and inform than be a pretty-decent-okay face for people to gawk at.

It’s better than turning myself into someone I’m not for the sake of money and fame and popularity.

I mean, what’s the fucking point of it all if you don’t stand for anything?