Info dump: if you don’t know what’s going on with the #MuslimBan and why this is important, here’s some useful reading:

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I admittedly have been pretty damn ignorant about this issue. I became complacent because I assumed America would never do this, no President would ever actually do this.

The last several days, President Trump has proven me wrong. Trump signed an executive order to put a 90-day halt on refugees and legal residents, including green card holders, from seven mostly Muslim countries.

Thankfully, at the time I’ve been writing this, the ACLU, government officials, and private citizens protested, resulting in a halt of deportation. However, this only applies to the people already on US soil. The ban is still, essentially, in effect. So the fight isn’t over.

I was personally unable to find any articles that showed actual links to refugees and raised crime/terrorist activity (not to say they don’t exist, I just couldn’t find them). The only articles I did find that discussed it offered no references, claimed blatant false numbers or had to retract their statement entirely. I would love to read any viewpoint that provides concrete evidence.

Since I’m not a journalist or writer, I wanted to compile discussions written by actual professionals to share my viewpoint. It’s very important, especially now, to remain informed on today’s issues and to form your own opinions on them. That being said, these articles are a mixture of opinion and fact. I do my best to see all perspectives and put myself into many shoes, but I’m not perfect. And even though I encourage everyone to speak up, it’s also important to open your ears, minds, and hearts.

^ Important note: “However the agency found there was no substantial evidence to suggest that terrorists were entering the EU via the refugee route, but did acknowledge two of the Paris attackers entered Greece as part of the large influx of refugees from Syria.”