That one time I was racist on Twitter.

Last night while perusing Twitter, I saw that Kaceytron was in a troll debate with two YouTubers who were claiming that cleavage is stealing viewers from the rest of the pure Twitch community. In typical Kacey fashion, she was egging these two on for the better part of an hour and eventually the troll turned into an all-out debate about the dead horse that is boobs on Twitch.

I seriously do not understand why people keep fighting this issue because it’s basically not an issue. The only people who get upset about it anymore are people who don’t stream and/or people who tipped a hot girl $100 and she didn’t marry them.

If you’re not fully convinced, OPG did a really great gender study on Twitch and discussed many myths that have been plaguing our community.

But I digress.

After witnessing this all unfold, I made a tweet stating my confusion over people being upset over the boobs gimmick when the top broadcasters in nearly every game are using a gimmick as well. It’s just that their chosen gimmick is screaming.

Naturally, some jimmies were rustled because I felt the need to point out that the top broadcasters were also, indeed, white men.

The only reason I included the fact that they were white dudes was because, prior to the tweet, I went to the discovery page and browsed the top casters in the top games for a bit. (I like to do some research before possibly pissing off the entire Internet because #fakenews). Lo and behold, they were mostly guys. Some of them didn’t have webcams at all, but were still guys (according to their panels/profiles).

But eventually I kept browsing and thought, “Huh, these are all white guys…” Obviously there are a handful of popular casters who aren’t white, which is awesome. The same could not be said several years ago when Twitch first started, so I’m really happy we’ve come so far. But still, it was an interesting observation. It was something I hadn’t thought about in a while because I’m pretty focused on the gender debate when it comes to video games. We very rarely discuss the same abusive shit that people of color experience in this community too, the same lack of representation, the same discouragement. It’s a subject that I’d really like to dig into more.

So I included it in the tweet.

And then Twitter called me racist.

In retrospect, it was a pretty poor decision to include that observation in an already abrasive tweet about the state of the industry. For that, I’ll take the L. My mentions haven’t stopped blowing up and Reddit already called me Anita Sarkeesian’s sister and to go back to Chaturbate. I’ve done my time.

But the tweet itself was merely discussing the gimmick that is screaming on Twitch. It’s a pandemic, really. And I’m sorry because once you learn about it, you can’t unsee/unhear it. It’s like breathing or blinking manually. Sorry again.

I did not intend to dismiss casters who scream, or casters who show off their body.

I merely wanted people to consider the fact that this is entertainment and we as entertainers will do whatever is in our comfort zone (and the ToS) to entertain. Whether that be scream, cry, laugh, dance, sing, play, create, and yes, in some cases, seduce.

That is the nature of entertainment REGARDLESS of the main content. We’ve got fucking Snoop Dogg making weed jokes with Martha Stewart on her cooking show. You think Martha is telling Snoop Dogg, “This is a cooking show, it’s not about drugs.” HELL NO, WE LOVE THAT SHIT, MARTHA. Our generation LOVES mixing it up and seeing what happens.

But you can’t praise one gimmick and shit on the other.

Entertainment is completely relative, which is why claiming that someone is stealing viewers is absurd. Viewers are individuals who make their own choices to watch and not watch a broadcaster. Nobody is holding a gun to their head and forcing them to watch someone else. The only gimmicks we should be putting down are the ones that put others in danger, like SWATTING. That was messed up. I’m glad that’s over.

I’ll admit, I used to be of the opinion that “booby streamers” on Twitch were ruining the reputation of other female casters. I felt they were creating a false idea of what a “female caster” looks like. But I’ve seen even the most “legitimate” (for lack of a better word) women get called a “whore” or a “cunt” for merely existing as a woman in this space. So it doesn’t actually matter whether you have your tits out or not. You’re going to get insulted, degraded, and trolled despite what clothes you wear, how much makeup you put on, what your hair looks like, etc. Someone is always going to tell you that you use your looks for views. Someone is always going to be trying to discount your own success. Someone is always going to say you used someone to get ahead.

Just be yourself. The Internet already hates you anyway. You’ve got nothing to lose.

But anway, my point is, if a woman or a man is sexy and uses their sex appeal to get ahead, that’s their weapon. Jack Bauer has his Sig Sauer. Captain America has his perfect ass and unwavering Patriotism (arguably same with Jack). Kaceytron has her lead-lined skin that is absolutely impenetrable (and also her unwavering Patriotism). We’ve all got something and as long as we’re using our powers for good (and Patriotism), then we all should just RELAX.

I know you’ve all heard this shpeel like a thousand fucking times and so have I and I’m sick of talking about it. I want to clear the air that 
a. I don’t hate men,
b. I don’t hate white men, and
c. I don’t hate white men who scream on Twitch.

I basically just described my boyfriend who is the most annoying white dude on this planet and I could not possibly love him more. I also love watching his casts, despite his incessant screaming.

Just understand that there is an audience FOR EVERYTHING.

Some people watch other people eat junk food.

Some people watch other people fuck horses.