How to Get a Check Signed from Lombardstreet Ventures in a Few Hours

Lombardstreet Ventures’ new fund has been active on the market since March 2021, looking for Seed-Stage companies to invest in. We made 19 new investments in the last ten months and are eager to get to know you.

What we invest in

We love to invest in mission-driven builders before they reach Product-Market fit.

About Us.

About You.

Geography of Investment.

What problem are you solving?

Why you?

How do you plan to get customers?

Do you have — at least — some initial provable traction to share with us?

Who are your competitors?

Blind Spot.

Demo us.

Cap Table.



We look for mission-driven founders, pre-product-market fit. We love to back distributed teams with HQ in Silicon Valley.

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Massimo Sgrelli

Founder & General Partner @ Lombardstreet Ventures. I invest in Seed-Stage companies from Menlo Park.