Hello World: Welcome to London Blockchain Labs (LBL)!

Ilya Kleyner
Apr 29, 2018 · 2 min read

Former Executive Committee members of the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, Blockchain at LSE & Imperial Blockchain have come together to form London Blockchain Labs (LBL): London’s cross-campus ecosystem designed to educate the UK community about blockchain & distributed ledger technologies (DLT).

LBL’s mission is to educate students about blockchain technology, businesses about its implementation and policy makers on its regulation. LBL is creating a dynamic and forward-thinking ecosystem in the heart of the capital, to foster the advancement and development of blockchain and DLT.

Who are LBL?

LBL is a non-profit made up of students, academics, businesses & policy makers who are passionate about ensuring London, and the wider UK, are at the forefront of this technological advancement.

Based at UCL, LSE and Imperial College London, LBL is already the UK’s largest blockchain student ecosystem, with a community of over 2000, and has hosted numerous free educational talks and workshops (such as Charles Hoskinson’s visit to LSE below) as well as conducting in-depth research on cutting edge blockchain technologies.

Charles Hoskinson on “Cardano’s Goals for Africa” at the London School of Economics

Upcoming Initiatives and Events

Currently, LBL is collaborating with industry leaders and academics (who will be announced imminently) on a free online education course for our members, accompanied by a globally-recognised certificate.

We are working with a number of industry partners and institutions on implementation and community education projects (stay tuned for several announcements!). There are also a number of exciting events planned, including our flagship conference, Blockchain in the Digital Economy (BIDE), scheduled for October.

Follow our Facebook, Twitter and sign-up to our newsletter to join our discussions and to be kept informed about upcoming events and progress.

Want to get involved?

Great — whether you would like to become a qualified blockchain developer by working with industry partners in our Labs team, put on events with global blockchain leaders or design our community marketing campaigns, there are many ways of getting involved! We would love to hear from you via email.

London Blockchain Labs

London Blockchain Labs (LBL) is the UK's largest Blockchain…

Ilya Kleyner

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Executive Director of London Blockchain Labs (LBL) - the UK's largest Blockchain student hub

London Blockchain Labs

London Blockchain Labs (LBL) is the UK's largest Blockchain student hub, with a community of 3000+, currently based at UCL, LSE, LBS and Imperial College London

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