A full house at Rise for the keynotes and microslots

What’s the big deal with ICO’s?

This London Ethereum Meetup took place on Wednesday, 17th January at Rise in Shoreditch. We had a full house of 100 people who showed up for a number of interesting talks, after which we headed to McQueens bar just around the corner to continue with lively discussion and crypto related conversation.

We enjoyed two keynote talks from Philipe and Lukasz, who were also kind enough to sponsor the first round of drinks at the bar!

Philipe Comini, Co-founder — Gimmer

“It was a great pleasure to share my experiences and the challenges that I’m facing while running a Token Sale. I hope it was educational and brought value to people who wanted to know more about this industry and how it works”.

Lukasz Musialski, Co-founder — Iconiq Lab

Iconiq Lab is an Initial Coin Offer and Token Launch accelerator program. We source, fund, develop and accelerate the best crypto, blockchain and tokenizable startups to their own ICO or Token Sale. We help launch tokens supported by real-world, sustainable business solutions.

We then had four microslots from:

Our next meetup is scheduled for Thursday, 15th February. RSVPs will be open a couple of weeks before the event. The topic is Building on Ethereum and is being held in collaboration with Blockchaingers. This event will be especially interesting for companies looking at leveraging blockchain, or developers and entrepreneurs interested in Europe’s leading blockchain hackathon and incubator.

If anyone has any feedback from our events, ideas for future events, speaker suggestions or sponsorship opportunities, then do leave a message on this medium article or send me a message on our meetup.com group.

Drinks and networking at McQueens after the talks

As always, thanks to Conjure, Chris and Seb for organising a great evening and Rise for the amazing venue.