How to Submit to London Literary Review

The London Literary Review is a literary magazine based in London but focused on new fiction and literary criticism worldwide.

We are looking to publish writers that are interested in the cutting edge of fiction and encourage you to submit your draft. To do so:

First follow London Literary Review

Write your draft in Medium

Open the post and click the (…) menu at the top

Choose ‘add to publication’

then choose London Literary Review

If London Literary Review does not appear on your list you are not yet a contributor. To become a contributor please click the Request to Contribute button.

Submission rules

  • Your submission must be through Medium.
  • Your submission must be in English.
  • It must include a header image right above or right below the title. This image, and any other images included, must be something you own the rights to, or cite a source.
  • We reserve the right to add a byline, blurb, ad, or sponsor logo at the bottom of your story.
  • Once a story has been accepted and published by the Writing Cooperative on Medium it must remain in our publication.
  • We will publish a maximum of 1 story per week per writer.
  • We do not offer any form of compensation.

We look forward to your writing!

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