Unsound Methods 10: Joanna Kavenna

Another episode of Unsound Methods and this week we spoke to novelist and essayist, Joanna Kavenna.

We talked about false starts, finding a narrative voice in fiction as well as researching a novel in the Arctic circle and dealing with Polar Bears.

We also discussed how literature can help us understand and limit technology before the machines destroy us and why we all need to take a more Wittgensteinian view of reality.

You can find out more about Joanna at joannakavenna.com

Unsound Methods is a podcast focused on writers of literary fiction and their process motivations and craft. Sharing conversations about the nitty gritty of writing fiction and explore what makes fiction ‘real’.

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Lochlan Bloom

Lochlan Bloom

Author | lochlanbloom.com | Co-founder of Unsound Methods literary fiction podcast

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