Up Close With: Kathryn Koromilas

Meet the wonderful writers and patrons behind LWS.

  • Kathryn Koromilas (aka 🦄 KK 🦄 )
  • Based in a wee cottage in the lowlands of the Scots.
  • We’ll put the rest of this in her own words…
  • 4–6am: On the floor of the living room. Pen and paper. Henrietta (my German Shepherd) by my side. This is the first draft of the current “The Work.”
  • 8am: On Zoom with 300-odd other writers during the London Writers’ Salon Writers’ Hour. Depending on the day, I’ll also do another co-writing hour at 1pm and 4pm.
  • Day: Depending on other commitments, I dictate or type up handwritten notes and edit.
  • 7pm: Evening writing. Journal pages. Set the page up for the morning’s writing.
KK with her gorgeous companion and creative inspiration, Henri
KK’s writer’s view; Henri doesn’t seem to like what she’s working on

✍️ Write with KK and other writers each weekday at Writers’ Hour.

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