jay barnham
Nov 13, 2018 · 3 min read

London Gaymers Spotlight is a fortnightly introduction to one of our members, where we get to know them and their thoughts on all things gaming. If you would like to be featured, get in contact on our Discord, Facebook or email at info@londongaymers.co.uk

Let’s start with an easy one, what’s your favourite game, and why?

League of Legends — released by Riot Games in 2009, boasts a monthly player base of around 100 million.

This one is tough as I have a few. I would say League of Legends — even though I don’t often play it anymore. I met some of the most amazing people through it. The game itself is also so much fun. I love the characters, the backgrounds, and the shiny shiny skins

How did you discover London Gaymers, and when did you join? What does it mean to you to be part of this community?

I discovered London Gaymers through personal contacts within the group and joined many years ago.

It means a lot to be in this community. Growing up in a small town in Australia and being one of the only gay kids in the school. It never really felt like I fitted in. Then when I was old enough to go out to gay bars I felt the same; no one I met liked games or the geeky stuff I was interested in, and so I felt like an outsider all over again. Being part of a group that has so much in common with me makes me really feel comfortable to be myself, which feels amazing.

What are your passions outside of gaming?

This one is easy. Podcasts, I am beyond obsessed with them. Anyone who has made the mistake of discussing them around me, or letting me begin to tell them about podcasts, quickly learns I can go on for hours about them.

What’s your favourite character from a video game, and why?

Alistair from dragon age. We all know why.

Who is your favourite gaming-related content producer, and why?

Griffin McElroy, podcaster, journalist and co-founder of gaming news site Polygon

Griffin McElroy! To date one of the funniest people I have ever listened too/watched. I highly recommend listening to the Cool Games Inc. podcast, and watching Touch the Skyrim and Monster Factory on Youtube.

Also, he does podcasts so I am pretty much obsessed with him.

If you could create any game, what would it be?

A working virtual reality MOBA. I would probably get addicted and die due to exhaustion/starvation; but it would be so worth it for those few days of playing.

Where do you see the future of gaming?

Competitive gaming is going to get bigger and bigger. It will be really exciting to see what is done with it as the potential is massive. If I had the cash, I would already be setting up venues/teams.

London Gaymers

The LGBT+ community for board and video gamers in London and across the UK.

jay barnham

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London Gaymers

The LGBT+ community for board and video gamers in London and across the UK.

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