Ones to watch from EGX Rezzed 2019

We explore some our favourites, including both weird and wonderful, from EGX Rezzed.

Matt Hardwick
Apr 15 · 4 min read

EGX Rezzed, like it’s bigger sibling — is a great place to check out upcoming games, however rezzed focuses less on triple A titles and has a more indie slant to it. That’s not to say there weren’t some big releases there, but it’s nice to see the indie gems get some recognition and exposure also. Last weekend a group of us headed to Tabacco Docks to see what was on offer and we’ve listed the ones that stood out the most for us.

Cake Bash

The aim of Cake Bash is to fight to be the tastiest cake. A great single screen brawler (no word on network play yet); you play as a piece of cake — you collect sweets, avoid hazards, and battle the other cakes. The level we played we were atop a sheet cake with slices being removed, meaning the arena got smaller and smaller making the fight more intense. Hazards come in various forms, but make sure to avoid those party poppers otherwise you’ll go flying! A fun to be sure addition to any party or social gathering.

fighting to be the sweetest…

Cake Bash is out on Steam, PS4, XB1 and Switch next year. Check out @HighTeaFrog for updates.

Anno 1800

If you’re new to the Anno franchise, think of something akin to Cities Skylines met with Age of Empires. Mostly a city builder (this one set around the industrial revolution) but there’s a little bit of trade and battle too. Anno 1800 boasts many quality of life changes for long term players, but the learning curve is not too steep for new players too. Stunning vistas and great music add to the mix. Whilst not technically an indie, the game was featured heavily at Rezzed and we really do think this game has the potential to bring lots of new fans to the franchise.

Anno 1800 is out TODAY for PC on uPlay and Epic Store. We have a group of players already playing on Discord so come join in! 🤗


From Muse Games (the same team as Hamsterdam;) the super quirky Embr allows you to play as a fire and rescue operative. Sounds simple, but different classes have different abilities and skills which will all help or hinder in different ways. The aim of the game to save as many people as possible from the inferno. Online mulitplayer means you can team up with a friend to rescue your customers; run inside, grab them, put out a fire, take an axe to a door, drop them, repeat. All the while battling the inferno, falling walls and ceilings beams, chemical drums and so on… it’s a simple idea but hilariously executed. Another thing that makes this special is the just how many LGBT+ people are in the dev team. 🏳️‍🌈

The game is in its very early stages at the moment so no word on a release date yet — but keep an eye on @EmbrGame for more info!

Double Pug Switch

So — imagine if Quantum Conundrum was a running platform, and you played a pug. That’ll give you Double Pug Switch. You run along a platforms, switching dimensions to reach different platforms or avoid different hazards, all whilst trying to collect as many coins as you can. Addictive, charming, and features pugs. The game also has local competative so you can try to outrun your friends. Not sure there’s much more to say about this one, it’s simple but super fun!

Out very soon on the Switch via Nintendo eShop — the game should also be avialable on PS4 and Steam. Check out @ThePolygonLoft.


can you figure out what you need to do here?

Probably one of the strangest but also one of the most intriguing games we’ve encountered, Kids, is essentially a puzzle game, although the developers call it an interactive animation. You direct, command, manipulate the crowd of tiny figures. (We guess these are the kids?) Doing so correctly will solve the puzzle for that screen — and onto the next screen you go. No instructions on what to do, you just have to figure it out which is actually the most charming part of this game. Kids is part of a triptych of work, including a short film and an art installation (check out

We dabbled on both the iPad and PC version, and the touch enabled mobile version is probably more interesting. Kids is out later this year on Steam and mobile devices.

Heave Ho

Remarkably funny, and weird; Heave Ho from the folks at Devolver Digital (so you’ll know it’ll be interesting) is a couch co-op get to the end of the map style game. Easier said than done you’ll have challenges and obstacles to avoid whilst swinging, holding on to your co-op partners. Time it wrong and you risk falling, or worse getting splatted on some spikes!

oh and there’s llamas too…

Out later this year on PC and Switch — check out @DevolverDigital for more info.

All of the multiplayer titles featured will be playable at London Gaymers events, once they’re released. We’ll be back with another blog after EGX in September with more titles for you to watch out for.

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Matt Hardwick

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Ex-radio geek, now printing geek. Co-founder of @LondonGaymers. #apple #playstation #london (Opinions are my own)

London Gaymers

The LGBT+ community for board and video gamers in London and across the UK.

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