The incredible experience of marching in Pride

London Gaymers march in their first Pride in London Parade this year, and what an amazing day it was.

Our first time marching

After much planning, organising, breifings and meetings, London Gaymers came together this July to march in the Pride in London Parade, the first one in our five year history as a community.

We managed to snag 50 wristbands for pride this year and following the huge success of the day, it seems like we’re going to need a lot more for next year as they were all snapped up so quickly!

When you first start moving the nerves quickly kick in, but it doesn’t take long before the energy and support of the crowd has those butterflies quickly fade away. The sea of familar faces wearing rainbow t-shirts and dressed as video game characters surrounding you make you quickly realise why pride is such a special time of year to be with those friends.

Check out our Pride in London video! ❤

Thanks to all of the Pride in London organisers for putting together this amazing (and free!) event and hope everyone had a fantastic Pride this Pride season, wherever they celebrated!

– Curtis