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Loneliness and Home Working: How to Look After Yourselves and Your Colleagues

Workplace loneliness is already a huge issue for many and something we’ve been exploring for the last year at the Loneliness Lab. Being lonely at work can be bad for our mental health and our productivity, and a huge cost to employers. Take away the chance interactions of the office and the camaraderie of working side-by-side with our colleagues each day, and that situation can get a lot worse. As many offices close this week, much of the country will be working from home for extended periods, possibly for the first time.




We are a collective of individuals and organisations on a mission to design out loneliness in our cities. Together we are experimenting with ways to reshape the places, spaces and services in our cities with belonging in mind.

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Bethan Harris

Bethan Harris

I lead Collectively — we believe that to build a better world we need everyone involved. Co-founder of Loneliness Lab, #shevotes and We are Europe.

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