Lonely Whale Partners with Unsplash to Bring Plastic Pollution into Focus, Highlighting Ocean-Friendly Lifestyles Through Photography

In honor of our founding principle of radical collaboration, we partnered with Unsplash to curate a special collection of photos that highlight ocean-friendly lifestyle photography.

Photo from Jeremy Bishop | Learn how to submit your photos

The internet, like our ocean, is filled with photos of single-use plastic, that’s why we are bringing ocean plastic pollution into focus through powerful photography. We want to help our communities raise awareness and also inspire others to take action for our shared ocean through powerful visuals.

With the launch of our #StopSucking PSA and social media challenge, the conversation about plastic in our ocean is louder than ever. Now, it’s your chance to contribute your photos to a new visual library that sets a trend of ocean-positive lifestyle choices.

Photo from Alex Loup | Learn how to submit your photos

We would love to see your photos that showcase the human to ocean connection and highlight how you live an ocean-friendly lifestyle. Whether it’s photos of paper straws, sustainable seafood (on a plastic-free table), or plastic pollution on our city streets or coastlines, it’s important we begin to visually highlight the problem and alternatives so we can inspire a wave of change.

Most importantly, this isn’t a story of doom and gloom, it’s an opportunity to showcase our individual commitments to ocean health!

Photo from Talia Cohen| Learn how to submit your photos

In case you aren’t familiar with Unsplash, it is an online library with more than 360,000 free, high-quality photos contributed by generous photographers from around the world. These photos are available for use around the world. The photos in this post, our social channels, and our website are full of photos from Unsplash.

We can’t wait to see which photos you submit!

Learn how to submit your photos here.