LTE eNodeB startup and UE setup

We cover the sequence of interactions when an eNodeB starts up. The full setup procedure can be divided into the following steps:

eNodeB establishing an S1 connection with the MME.

S1 connection establishment

Once the S1 link is established, the eNodeB starts broadcasting MIB and SIB information.

MIB and SIB broadcast

The UEs in the cell receive the MIB and SIB information and initiate an RRC connection to connect to the network.

RRC connection establishment

The eNodeB sends an RRC Connection Setup to the UE. This message contains UE specific configuration.

For details refer to the eNodeB startup and UE configuration flow. The flow provides field level details for individual messages.

Message details

You can dig deeper by clicking on individual messages by clicking on a message title…

Click on an a message in the flow

…to see the full contents.

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