How I Visualize & Keep Track of What I Do In A Day (using Toggl Track, Google Calendar & Integromat)

These free tools help me better understand where my time went

Example of Google Calendar with time entries that automatically appear here via Integromat from Toggl Track
Example of end result. All time blocks automatically appear on my calendar. Purple = blocks of tracked time I tracked with Toggl Track which Integromat placed on the Gcal — all screenshots by author

The goal

To track time using the Toggl Track Chrome Extension and let an Integromat automation display each time tracking entry on Google Calendar.




Consistency is key. We tell stories about the process it takes to lead a successful lifestyle.

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Gracia Kleijnen

Gracia Kleijnen

Writing towards progress. Personal Growth, Relationships, Mental Health, Tooling & (Failed) Ventures. Owner: Google Sheets Geeks pub

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