How To Create Engaging Content For Your Business

Don't just create content, engage your audience

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Content creation is everywhere. Just like air is all around us, content is everywhere.

Brands compete by investing huge amounts in content creation which can get them more eyeballs.

Every brand is creating content, even if it is a product post and content marketing is king.

Then why is it so that some of the stuff that brands put out there stands apart from the rest?


The days where audiences would be open to read what the brand needs to tell them are gone.

Content consumption patterns have shifted.

Audiences now look for content they can relate to. Brands work increasingly hard to fit into the conversation, conversations which take place among consumers and other consumers.

Consumers lay more emphasis on the sincerity and honesty that a business exhibits to have an actual conversation. Sales has become a collateral effect that comes from having that conversation.

Content creation has long moved forward from the We Talk You Listen. You need to now engage your audiences.


Debate With Them.

Obviously about something within the purview of what a brand offers and what it stands for.

Steer clear of religious and political debates.

Challenge Them.

Consumers love being challenged. They love being proven wrong.

They love being shown that a solution to their problem exists that they didn’t know about.

This is a great way to run contests and get people to engage with your brand and share your brand with their friends. We have seen businesses grow tremendously through effective contests and challenges.

Educate Them.

Consumers are constantly looking for a trusted source of information. This is an opportunity that brands capitalize on.

With the amount of information being thrown at consumers, brands need to position themselves as a trusted source of information and the right research and references are a must.

This is arguably one of the most effective techniques to become a brand to trust for consumers.

Ask for their opinion.

Consumers like to be heard.

They are opinionated about what they want, and it is a great way to conduct product research and customer profiling.

Gamify your content.

You’ve ever seen those social media posts, where you need to click on an object to fit it in the shape?

Do you know how you spend 5–10–15 minutes trying to fit that product into the shape?

All because there is a prize at the end of the game?

That is an example of content gamification.

Quizzify your content.

If we didn’t know better, we’d think the BuzzFeed quizzes were single-handedly responsible for the BuzzFeed explosion.

Quizzes are an extremely powerful way to engage audiences.

Make them Laugh.

HUMOR is a touchy subject and memes are right up there when it comes to content that works.

Obviously, it goes without saying offensive memes need to be avoided at all costs.

The idea behind creating content is not to tell consumers about your products and services. Content is the path through which consumers discover who you are and what your product is.

A consumer journey begins with Awareness which is created by engaging them with content. From there the consumer get’s interested and makes a decision which leads to them taking action. Of course you can make it a lot bigger through value offers and whatnot, but the content is what will bring the consumer to this stage.

You need to build a community of people who like to see the content you put out and that is a slow and brand enriching process that needs to be built upon consistently over a certain time.

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