How to Get into The Right Mindset on a Daily Basis

A guide to help you achieve more of the things you want to accomplish

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Mental Health can probably be considered a very abstract and individualistic term. Most of the stuff you see online advocates we have the choice to see everything in 2 ways, the good way and the bad way.

While we would say yes, that is true, what one also needs to understand is that, as humans, we come across situations on a daily basis where our set paradigms kick in and our feelings take over. This subconsciously controls the thoughts we are thinking about.

Those thoughts usually, fuel the anxiety and the stress we feel and that can be fucking debilitating. Getting things done can get difficult and identifying and focussing on the things that matter take a back seat.

“We become donkeys in a wheat mill churning all day, staying busy but not necessarily productive.”

Hence, it is important, that we set ourselves up for the day. By setting our selves up, we do not mean to-do lists and targets. We are talking on a higher level of understanding, depending on what you give the most importance to in life.

We are talking on an internal level, not an external one.

We list down 5 ideas you can use to set the right mindset for the day.


Reflection on what your goals are and where you are currently is something that we need to remind ourselves about constantly and it breeds positivity. There is a lot of fuckery going about thanks to social media, with people sharing their own success stories and how they are living perfect lives.

Block it all out, imagine you are alone, where do you want to go and what you need to do to get there. It is important you keep your phone aside while doing this, otherwise, it is like throwing water on ducks back.


Reading is the ultimate validation. When you read anything, be it inspirational stories, How To Blogs, Fiction Novels, etc you put yourself in a state of joy and relatability.

You put yourself in alignment with what you are reading because you are reading what you want to read. You absorb what has been written more easily.

We would strongly advise don’t read the news, or about which Khan hosted a party where there were drugs. You have finite energy, use it to fuel yourself more.

Express Gratitude

After you reflect and read, you instantly put yourself in a place where you can literally feel the gratitude of having what you do have.

An idea to feel gratitude is knowing that yes, while there are people in a far better place currently, there are also people with problems you can’t imagine. Once you realize that, you are in a far better situation to get to where you want to go from where you are right now, you will feel thankful to not have it worse than what you have currently and will cherish it.

That is so powerful, we cannot express, everything will instantly feel better and positivity will kick in.

Journalize and Visualize

When you are in a thankful state, write it down!

Write down why you are thankful and let your positivity flow on to the paper, and write down where you want to be and visualize it. Again, write it down, don’t type it out. The feeling of ink on fresh paper, strokes, neat handwriting all add to the experience.

When you are in that state and you visualize what you want, whether you believe it or not, you put out energy which motivates you to work towards your goals harder and gives you clarity on what you need to do to reach that goal.

Once you put yourself in that state of mind, you create a powerful mechanism to put yourself in a place where you start feeling the reality of it and it is an awesome feeling.

Plan in advance for the day ahead

Here is the tricky part and where the daily drudgery interacts with your higher self and more often than not, all the hard work of the morning routine goes out the window when we let daily drudgery decide how we are feeling.

So when you have reflected, read, expressed gratitude, and done your visualizations, is the best time to prepare yourself with what to expect during the day.

List down all the things which add to your stress, imagine the worse that can happen, convince yourself that it will not matter 5 minutes after it happens, and let the positive mindset you have created take back over because your thoughts are bigger than all this temporary shit that bothers you during the day.

Do not let yourself spiral.

List down all the things that drain your energy in your day, figure out those which you can avoid, and avoid them!

Marcus Aurelius, in his book Meditations, highlighted this and many more other ways to deal with the stresses of that pull us back on a daily basis (Affiliate Link)

The Take-Away

On a daily basis with the drudgery of daily life and modern life, we have information coming to us from all corners. It is important that we remove that information and go back to our primal selves to put our minds in the right place on a daily basis at any point during the day.

Our recommendations are first thing in the morning because the mind is fresh and unpolluted by the garbage that comes our way during the day.

Just know this,

99% of the things that stress us out do not really matter 5 minutes later

99% of the things that make us anxious about the future do not even happen.

You are not alone to feel like this, all those people putting out pictures of their perfect lives on Instagram are also fighting their own battles.

The one thing that always stays with you, in good times and bad is your mind. And the path you set your mind on is the direction you will move in.

Humans are innately spiritual beings and are way bigger than the bodies they dwell in, and that is because of the mind. Do yourself this justice, set your mind right and you will see how your days change from bad to good and good to better and eventually from better to best.

We would love to know what routine works for you, let us know in the comments, we can’t wait.




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