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Long-Term Perspective Newsletter #4

Welcome to this month’s Two BIG announcements!

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Welcome to the fourth newsletter of Long-Term Perspective!

These newsletters help us connect with our followers and send a warm invite to all the budding authors out there, who have their own perspectives to share.

It is not the strongest spieces that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.

— Charles Darwin

Long-Term Perspective is about sharing approaches in life that encourage reaching our most meaningful goals in life. And that includes you. Without you, avid readers, our words would not send waves of positivity beyond our keyboards. Golden nuggets of advice would just sit in a dark room, alone. We appreciate you.

Consistency is key. We tell stories about the process it takes to lead a successful lifestyle. Improving in different categories in life is a major pillar towards-long term success. In this publication, we talk about Creativity, Money, Writing Tips, Life, and Love!

This Week’s Two BIG announcements

We at LTP are immensely happy to announce Two big changes that have happened towards the closing of November 2020.

  1. We have decided to add a new tag ‘Poetry’.
  2. We have welcomed two new editors to our publication.

Why the change?

We at LTP want people from various walks of life to share their amazing stories, life experiences, and their day-to-emotions, in a way they prefer the most. And as it seems, Medium has been witnessing a storm of poets, spreading their magic across the platform and taking the readers through an enriching experience.

We would obviously be overjoyed to have our current and aspiring writers to share their poetry skills with the LTP family as well. After all, poetry is nothing but words in motion.

Let your words shine through our ‘poetry’ space.

Secondly, the decision to bring in editors is an attempt to bring in some fresh perspective on the table. Plus some lady luck, as both our new editors are ladies.

I am sure you all are eager to find out more about them, but we will keep that one for our next newsletter which will be coming very soon.

LTP Has TWO New Editors!!!

Starting the publication has been a long and slow process. But now that we have made headway and nearly have 200 followers right now is surreal. That’s why I have added two editors of LTP that I entrust my full faith in — Bhavna Narula and Kristi Jacobsen!

— Jordan Mendiola

Bhavna Narula’s Bio:

Bhavna is a Performing Arts Teacher, Dancer, and a Performer. She is inclinedv towards writing short stories, poems, self-improvement lessons, historical facts, etc.

Bhavna loves to see life with a positive outlook and as an editor for Long-Term Perspective, looks forward to encouraging fellow as well as prospective writers to encourage the world with their words.

Kristi Jacobsen’s Bio:

Kristi is a solopreneur who left the 9–5 grind to create a lifestyle she loves. She writes about finding happiness and contentment, productivity, entrepreneurship, podcasting, and making small changes for long-term success.

Kristi believes in connection through stories and content. As an editor for Long-Term Perspective, she looks forward to connecting with writers worldwide to help share stories from all perspectives.

Long-Term Message by Jordan Mendiola

Keep up the great work contributing to the publication everyone! I started this publication with a vision and it is now time to give it its own wings.

Thank you for your patience.

It has been so fun running this publication and so fulfilling to help all writers and readers get the experience they have been looking forward to all this while. If you’re following along, thank you so much for being here.

If you’re a fellow writer, keep them coming!

If you aren't a fellow writer, then what’s stopping you mate cos we ain't stopping any time soon :)

Here’s a quick link to our submission guidelines for your reference.

A great way to catch up, or to dive in if you are new to us, is to go to our Community section which has all of our weekly letters in one spot. You can see all of the highlighted stories for each week.

In the closing,

You can’t achieve anything entirely by yourself. There’s a support system that is a basic requirement of human existence. To be happy and successful on earth, you just have to have people you rely on.

— Michael Schur

Our new support systems’ are coming shortly in our next newsletter.

See you soon.



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