Take So Much Action That It is Impossible to Fail

Something so simple yet something so ignored.

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Was speaking to a mentor of mine recently.

I am part of the event management industry in India.

It is an industry that is so packed with competition, that expertise takes a backseat, and pricing dominates the market.

It is difficult to close business and there are multiple agencies that compete for any business out there.

These exact same words were coming out of my mouth when I was having this conversation.

All of a sudden, my mentor raises his hand and asks me to stop talking.

“He said, all said and done, you have been in it 14 years, what changed?

I started with the same mantra, so many competitors and blah blah.

He again raised his hand motioning me to stop talking.

He then said, no, that is any industry. What has changed is you have stopped taking action.

And the way lightning strikes a surface, this hit me.

He continued, you remember when you started? Every conversation was an opportunity. Every company was a prospect.

It isn’t that anymore.

You have hit the peak, got too big for your boots, have a big ego, and have now started getting into the trough because you have stopped taking action.

You have become a smoothie-drinking brat who is more interested in appearances and less in being the guy who started in the trenches. Go back to being the guy in the trenches.

Forget what you can’t control, do you own what you can?

It is easy to blame the market and get frustrated, it is easy to say others are cheap, clients do not value experience, and blah blah.

Do you value your experience? If you do you would be out there talking about it, not whinging like an ass. (His Actual Words)

I can guarantee, that if you actively pursue clients for business, you will find it.

There are many situations in business that you can’t control, but never give up unless you absolutely have to or the next step presents itself.

If you take enough action, you will get results.

Take so much action, that it becomes impossible to fail.”

I sat there now feeling like an ass, recounting everything he said, and I can admit no truer words have been said.

Something so simple, eluded me so clearly, that I started thinking after 14 years and building a successful company, clients would come to me (They do but not enough).

And so begins my journey of taking action once again, here is hoping that my mentor is proved right.

In case you are wondering about the company in question, it is Pegasus Events.



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