Filter→ Consume→ Process→ Produce

Have we lost the ability to process and produce?

There is an overwhelming amount of information to consume online.

Driven by fear, I read, watch, and consume a deluge of information every day. The driving fear is that if I don’t consume all this information that’s coming in, someone else will, and I’ll fall behind.

At some point I have to stop the flood. Stop letting so much in to my mind, or at least filter it, so that I can process what’s in there already.

Filter first, then consume, then process and then produce.

Filtering has to be the right kind. Filtering can help stem the tide of what comes in. It can also help nasty things from coming out. But it has to be the right kind of filtering, and in the right measure. Turn up my filters too high and nothing will be allowed out. That’s fear.

Filtering means that I stop myself before I say something that’s offensive to someone. Fear means I stop myself before saying anything, for fear of offending someone.

Instead, process. Stop consuming for a while, let the cauldron of the mind simmer and bubble for a while. Then let it out.

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