Love in its Purest Form: Mari’s Letter

Mari (a.k.a. Homojabi)’s contribution to the Longest Days, Sacred Nights campaign.

And you should also know this: You are not alone. This Ramadan, I want you to know that I exist. And I will know that you exist. And our existence is proof that it’s possible — it’s proof that LGBTQ Muslims can and do exist, that we are loved by Allah SWT, that we represent the greatest parts of love and acceptance in Islam, that we resist the institutions and communities and people that attempt to erase our identity, and that we aren’t going anywhere. There are people just like us all over the world experiencing this Ramadan together, even if we are alone. That is part of what inspires me about Ramadan — knowing we are here and knowing that will never change. Knowing that more people like us are coming out to themselves and learning more about themselves every day.

You can read the entirety of Mari’s letter to LGBTQ Muslim Youth, along with more resources and support, here.