Education on Long Island: Focus on Skills, Not Tests

A tweetstorm published on June 30, 2017

As we prepare to celebrate the 4th, I see this story as a glimpse into how middle class can achieve their American Dream in years ahead 1/13

On LI, we need to focus on tech based jobs — steady jobs w/rising wages that will be the future for our kids as automation increases 2/13

We must allow our schools to evolve in order to prepare our kids with tech skills that will be needed across industries #LIEdu #LIFirst 3/13

Today, #LIFirst is releasing its broad based plan to improve our public schools across LI #LIEdu 4/13

I loved public school — It laid a foundation from which I grew as a person and public education will continue to do so for kids on LI #LIEdu 5/13

Here are the public education policy steps that we need to take to make sure our children are prepared for their future #LIEdu #LIFirst 6/13

1. Increased public school funding alongside voucher / charter school policies impacting LI — Programs should work together #LIEdu 7/13

2. Fair share of state funds for districts — Reduce reliance on property taxes and give our kids a fair shot at their dreams #LIEdu 8/13

3. End common core — Allow districts to build skills and empowering teachers on local level vs one size fits all standards #LIEdu 9/13

4. Modernize our educational infrastructure — Increased funding for Wi-Fi, computers, software in the classroom #LIEdu 10/13

5. Provide teachers with tools to educate our kids — Enhanced training and evaluate based on real outcomes instead of tests #LIEdu 11/13

6. Partnerships w/local community — govt, universities, community colleges, businesses — to provide kids w/real world experience #LIEdu 12/13

Policies to empower parents, administrators & educators to build skills for our kids to achieve their dreams on LI #LIEdu 13/13

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