Education Re-Imagined for a New Generation of Students

“Next Generation Learning Standards.” That is the new name of New York’s academic guidelines, erasing “Common Core” from the state’s vocabulary as if they were the final random words left on the chalkboard after a long day in the classroom. Unfortunately, the change is in name only. The Common Core system will effectively remain in place with teachers being judged on the outcome of a test rather than the development of their students.

It is time to unshackle the teachers and give them the power to drive education on a local level. It is time that they be given the power to go beyond the basic English and math skills and lay the foundation for real personal and emotional development for students. In high school, the focus should shift to building the skills most relevant to a changing economy. This will require investment in technology and partnerships with local businesses that will create a pathway to new jobs that will allow students to flourish in an increasingly automated economy.

Of course, implementing these real next generation learning standards will take money and Long Island continues to get less than its fair share from Albany. That has not stopped politicians, like State Senator John Brooks, from applauding a budget that provides a whopping 1.5% increase in education funding to Seaford and a decline in education funding to Massapequa. While he and his colleagues in Albany may see that as a passing grade, the people sending their children to public school on Long Island have higher standards.

Long Island First will fight for an education system that is re-imagined for a new generation of students. The only way to position Long Island students for success is to build the skills that will be most relevant in the future economy. To join the fight, sign up on our website and join the conversation on our facebook page.