Four Principles for Elected Officials Serving Long Island

Main Idea: Principles matter when developing public policy. Long Island First will advocate for policies rooted in a core set of principles, not in hollow political platitudes.

One thing that has struck me when observing politicians on Long Island is that they often talk in self-serving platitudes. The most famous of course is on property taxes — everyone runs for office on the promise of simplifying the property tax system and ultimately lowering the burden on Long Island homeowners. Once in office, they will point to tiny steps taken to “solve” the problem in an effort to show they are serious. Yet, we still bear the weight of some of the highest property taxes in the country.

Unfortunately for Long Islanders, the political platitudes ultimately ring hollow when it is time to implement policy. It is almost as if the politicians do not want to solve the problem because they will not have anything to run on next time.

Long Island First will take a different approach. Every policy that we advocate will be tied back to a core set of principles around government’s role in our lives. We will detail how the policy ties back to those principles and how it will impact all Long Islanders. While compromise on the specifics is often needed to implement policy, compromise on principles is not something that you will see here.

Long Island First is committed to promoting integrity in government and fighting for tax relief, economic opportunity and localized education for Long Island. These objectives will be brought to life by standing on the following four principles:

  1. Smarter Government: Long Island First believes that the primary role of government is to provide public goods that lead to social and economic benefits for all people; innovative policies that lead to the efficient delivery of these goods are essential if we are to maximize individual freedom
  2. Free and Fair Markets: Long Island First believes that free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity; however, markets that are not fair are not truly free. Thus, basic regulations are necessary to ensure that individual ideas and initiative are rewarded in our economy regardless of background
  3. Dispersed Power: Long Island First believes that public policy is best developed closest to the people. Local government, free of coercion from distant political forces, is best placed to understand the needs of its people and implement policy without infringing on individual freedom
  4. Equal Justice Under Law: Long Island First believes that the law exists to maintain proper order in society; laws should be enforced equally and fairly to all people regardless of background. Further, those who enforce the law and protect our freedoms should receive the proper support to carry out their duties