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7 min readNov 30, 2021

In a previous post I spoke a bit about the origins of Lood. I also mentioned early experiments with adult (xxx) gaming starting back in 2014. We have since inherited that project and dusted off an old set of forgotten goals. Culminating in the first blockchain game for adults-only.

Start a Business, Build an Empire!

The upcoming Triple X Tycoon: Online is a multiplayer adult industry strategy game in which anyone will get to experience the highs and lows of the adult entertainment industry from behind the scenes. The game features random events that may effect the growth of your studio or hinder performers.

Triple X Tycoon — Originally singleplayer (using fictional USD instead of crypto)

Volatile consumer trends are the norm. Extravagant award shows are commonplace, even performers come and go as time pushes on in an industry that makes big money on erotic indulgence.

Running a distributor while contracting security out to the local mob

Steer your company through the eras. Sabotage your competitors! But watch your own back. Be smart and you’ll have talent knocking down your door for a chance in the spotlight you created. Only the best adapt in this industry. From rags to riches. From VHS to VR, how far will you go?

Creating value for studios and performers

Triple X Tycoon has always strived for depth in both its characters and economics engine. By merging existing algorithms with blockchain technology we will be able to add new layers of interactivity to the simulation.

Performers are generated procedurally and will age with the passage of time, which alters (not necessarily reducing or increasing) their value, a commonality in the adult industry. An older woman may be a MILF for example. while a man might be a more experienced performer or be a “bear” by gay porn standards.

The player is under no obligation to initiate long-term contracts with A.I performers either. Likewise, the performers have no obligation to perform with one, about as much as they may be willing to negotiate for one.

What this creates is an environment in which the talent may choose to act as their own representative whom’s needs may change based on their own standing (i.e clout) in the industry as a whole. Of course, lesser-known performers may be more willing to work with player-owned studios that have a higher renown and more resources.

In addition, more obscure studios may be willing to pay more for performers who may elevate the status of the studio. It’s up to both parties to agree on working together.

Of course where there is value there are factors contributing to the opposite. Factors like STDs and pregnancies might lower the perceived value of your performer. Furthermore, producing consecutively bad movies would also affect performer value over time. So career sabotage is possible! But would often be just as detrimental for your own business so tread carefully.

Unique Identifiers

Hidden traits can be stored as unique and encrypted signatures on the blockchain. Performers acting as free agents will exist on the game server until their first agreement is signed, assigning their signature to the players’ unique studio ID until re-entering free agency or signing with another studio.

Since establishing this concept in 2017 we have experimented with how this could be relevant to what we know as NFTs today. As initially we had modeled our idea on cryptokitties. And may or may update this process accordingly.

Generate performer -> assign unique block ID -> seek studios and work
Player registers new studio -> server assigns player ID -> seek talent

At this point both methods converge on negotiations followed by the assignment of a transaction ID upon success.

Each individual contract also contributes overall to the default values of all newly generated performers. As newcomers are just as likely to follow the trends as they are to lean into a certain niche in hopes of cornering the market.

The game economy will also affect negotiation power. So if you have a “blue chip” performer working with low-value talent this may or may not affect the former or the latter depending on their traits, host studio appeal/renown and
other external factors.

Triple X Tycoon — talent negotiation screen

However, the players/studios themselves will have equally as decisive a say on the actual value of these contracts since it is them who are ultimately paying the bills.

What we already have is the ability to generate performers who (can hire agents) may be entering the talent pool with a certain rate in mind. This rate, their stats and ambitions were calculated in response to market conditions created by the players/studios. These performers age and accrue dynamic stats like fame which in itself may increase the longevity of their career thus ensuring a longer store of value for whoever owns their contract.

The Long Tail

Long-term value from talent contracts might entail retaining older performers to accrue prestige for your studio. Which may subsequently increase the value of newer hires’ contracts. You might also consider adapting old films to new platforms.

And don’t forget about other opportunities like name licensing, in-game magazine interviews and Internet virality which will all be deeply calculated to occur only when it makes sense.

Play. Earn. Play!

Thanks to some early experiments in blockchain gaming and lots of trial and error we have figured out how to best integrate coins/tokens based primarily on the original Bitcoin source. But most importantly we have also begun to implement a cross-chain solution. Allowing users to swap cryptocurrencies regardless of chain and protocol.

In the context of our adult video game though, this simply means that we can include not just LOOD but other adult cryptocurrencies as well. Although you may earn LOOD specifically by running a profitable fictional porn company!

Of course exactly what kind of company is up to you in the long run. In fact we hope to return to the original spec which allowed for player-performers and everything that entails. Which might include contracting a created performer to other players and even retiring your performer to run a studio, strip club, distributor etc.

In addition, we have built out a social layer that functions like a cryptocurrency wallet and message board. This tech is currently present in associated projects with hopes to make an appearance in Triple X Tycoon in the near future. This integration would represent the first time we had an integrated and proprietary solution that could connect the otherwise disparate gaming and cryptocurrency communities.

A Naked ERC-20 Token — From Corporation to Collective

On Adapting

Lood was originally a cryptocurrency developed on a standalone blockchain. But technology moves fast and we wanted to spend more time building and less on maintenance. In addition, the costs associated with hosting and the technical overhead was unsustainable at the time.

Then, due to changes in user behavior within the cryptocurrency market and new flexibilities in how smart contracts can interface with other technologies. We decided to establish The Lood Company around the most minimalist of ERC-20 tokens.

Since then the Ethereum network has grown larger and has inherited the same issues we faced when running our own blockchain. And so we have struck a balance between what will be the transactional Lood Cash and the more ownership-based Lood. Collectively referred to as the Lood Project.

A small “team” with BIG tech

Our core set of tools consists of 100,000+ lines of code and was written by one developer over six years. Currently, any reference to we is in reference to everyone loosely or closely involved with this project and its predecessors. To whom the Lood Project project owes its existence.

As independent performers in the adult industry continue to move away from larger content producers and on to increasingly more model-friendly services. In the future we hope to scale our stack to provide a broader more enterprise-oriented experience. This might manifest in allowing real life performers and studios access to a suite of software similar to what Google provides to the broader web. Except by adult industry pros, for adult industry pros.

Open, secure, mature

All of our projects are either crowd-sourced or open-source. And we always look for new ways to give back to our users. And contrary to industry trends in big data and analytics, our servers breathe easier when ignoring the finer details about you. It’s hard to steal what we don’t have.


Get free Lood by starting a fictional porn company with the latest version of Triple X Tycoon [temporarily offline]. Which includes a Lood cloud wallet.

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