Facebook & Shopify Marketing Tips: Engaged Shoppers

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2 min readDec 18, 2017


In this series, I want to give you quick & practical Facebook Marketing tips for your Shopify store. Nothing fancy, just to the point advice that you can apply right away. Today, we’re looking at how a simple Facebook Targeting trick can supercharge your Conversion campaigns.

What is Facebook Targeting again?

Facebook Targeting is a great way for you to find new people who are interested in your products or brand. When defining your Facebook Audience, you have many options.

  • You can use Custom or Lookalike Audiences generated yourself (e.g. website visitors), or from Shopify Apps like Looga.
  • You can use Facebook’s detailed targeting, including demographics, interests, and behaviors
  • You can combine the two. Here you normally choose a Lookalike Audience as the source and refine it using detailed targeting from Facebook.

Targeting Engaged Shoppers

One detailed targeting option Facebook offers is filtering for “Engaged Shoppers”. This will target people who are known to buy something from Facebook and are likely to do it again.

If you want to run conversion campaigns on Lookalike Audiences, this is a great way of pre-filtering your audience and increasing your chance of conversions. It’s made a massive difference for some of our clients!

Working with Lookalike Audiences

With Lookalike Audiences, you can find and target people who are similar to your existing customers. That means Facebook looks at the demographics of your current customers and finds people like them. The final size of your audience depends on the country you choose and the Lookalike Percentage (higher % = more people).

Filtering for “Engaged Shoppers” will bring down the number of targets. After filtering, your audience should be between 500k and 1.5m people. If you end up with too few, you can always increase the Lookalike Percentage to start off with more people.

Thanks for reading. If you have any follow up questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.