Facebook & Shopify Marketing Tips: Conversion Events

Jan 8, 2018 · 3 min read

In this series, I want to give you quick & practical Facebook Marketing tips for your Shopify store. Today, we’re looking at how choosing a Conversion Event can influence conversion campaign performance.

Last time, I wrote about how adding “Engaged Shoppers” to your targeting can increase conversion performance dramatically.

What is a Conversion Event?

Conversion Events are actions that your customers take in your store which have value to you. The most obvious conversion event is the purchase itself, but there are others that usually come before the purchase. For example if someone viewed a product, added it to her cart, or started the checkout process.

As customers go through your Marketing Funnel, they take actions that are increasingly more valuable to you. However, you will likely also have less actions at the bottom of your funnel than at the top. For example: From 500 people looking at products only 100 will add them to their cart, and from those only 40 will buy.

You should already have your Facebook Pixel installed in your Shopify store. After this, you will automatically have these six Conversion Events set up and ready to go.

The Conversion Events from Facebook’s Pixel in relation to the AIDA Marketing Funnel

Why is it important to chose the right Conversion Event?

When you run a conversion campaign on Facebook, you get to choose which conversion event is supposed to count as a “result” for each ad set (image below). For each new campaign, Facebook first needs to learn how to get those results — and for that it needs data. According to the documentation, the learning phase lasts until you have 50 conversions per ad set. Your ad delivery is not optimal during the learning phase, so the sooner you leave it, the more effective your ad will be.

Choose the Conversion Event on Ad Set level in Facebook’s Ad Manager

For leaning, Facebook does not distinguish between a Purchase and an Add to Cart. Results are results. So if we recall the Marketing Funnel example from above, you will get 50 add to carts much quicker than you will 50 purchases. This means a shorter learning phase and more stable delivery for your ad.

I can recommend this to any shop owner who is making less than 10 sales per day with Facebook Ads. Pick the Conversion Event that you think will happen at least 50 times per week. The higher up the Marketing funnel you go, the more likely the actions are.

Thanks for reading. If you have any follow up questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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