Falling in Love with EV1

So, I’ve gotta take a minute to pour my heart out about Ellen Degeneres’ new clothing line, EV1. In three words, this collection is inclusive, adorable, and AFFORDABLE! As if I couldn’t love Ellen anymore than I already do?! When I first ran into her collection at Walmart (released September 10, 2018) I was shocked to see a celebrity clothing brand featuring items that were all under $30. What?! I can actually afford these adorable clothes?! After snagging up a few pieces of my own, I read up online to learn more about this badass brand.


Right away, you can visually tell this collection is inclusive just by the name alone: EV1, aka Everyone. The E in the logo is an equals sign, visually representing equality. The stripes from the equals sign run throughout several of her designs, continuing the theme of equality.

Typically, I avoid purchasing clothing from mass retailers such as Walmart because I prefer shopping local, but I totally get why Ellen chose them— in an all inclusive effort of availability. Ellen was intentional about her clothing being appealing and available to as many people as possible, so Walmart was the perfect choice to make this happen.


EV1 promotes kindness, love and diversity. All of these themes are visually represented through the comfy, cozy, adorable pieces featuring hearts and positive words such as, love, dream, and free. All pieces are meant to be mixed and matched — everything goes with everything! Providing great, wearable options for everyday people to layer with.


I love that the line has a lot of denim pieces, and i especially love the LOVE denim jacket ($28) my absolute favorite piece of them all! If you are looking to snag a shirt (or a few)! T-shirts are all $10 and baseball style tees are $12. She even has socks ($10) and sneakers ($30) available!

So lookout for these fun, affordable pieces next time you visit your local Walmart, or shop online through walmart.com.

What are some of your favorite celebrity clothing brands? Have you tried anything from EV1?