9 Shocking Fat Loss Facts

Here are some shocking fat loss facts that some of you may or may not know! It’s designed to be short and simple!

1. Only 20% Succeed
Only 20% of people who try to lose weight actually succeed at losing it and keeping it off

2. Losing weight is the #1 Broken Resolution
Losing weight and getting fit is the #1 commonly broken New Year’s resolution- don’t be that guy/girl when New Year’s comes around

3. Obesity is Contagious
If a close friend becomes obese, you have a 171% greater chance of becoming obese yourself

4. Sleep Less than 6 Hours?
People who sleep < 6 hours a night have altered hunger regulating hormones leading to more late night snacking which leads to weight gain

5. Taking forever to Lose Weight?
Average person spends 29 years of their life, or 6 months out of every year trying to shape their figure

6. Obesity is the #1 Biggest Economic Impact
Obesity has now captured the no. 1 position at a cost of $190 billion a year. Just think about that for a second… That means the personal training industry will explode from the amount of working out needed. Especially those who need help from others in the gym.

7. Like to Eat Out?
The average fast food meal outside is approximately 1200 Calories- Roughly half your daily caloric intake. If losing weight is important to you- you better start either counting your calories or making sure you’re figuring out how to stay or eat less than your daily caloric maintenance.

8. Eat with Family to Weigh Less.
Studies show that people who eat with their families in the kitchen/dining room table weighed significantly less than those who eat dinner in front of the TV

9. Sitting Kills You- Literally.
Just one day of sitting increases your chance of weight gain & other health risks. Not even 30 minutes at the gym is enough to offset the detrimental effects of 8 hours of sitting.

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