How to Physically Handle & Escort Someone Using Joint Locks


Since you’re watching this, you’re probably interested in how to handle people of all heights and sizes. You’ve definitely come to the right video.

Here I show you the complete utilization of the Kunsi Lock Flow from Filipino Martial Arts. I did this video as the Senior Training Officer at CT Group International LLC in NYC.

Now now, calm down internet keyboard warriors… I can already hear the commando keyboard warriors going ballistic watching the video. Now I do want to remind you… SEEING is one thing. FEELING is another.

Sure, nothing will work 100% of the time every time. So I want to prefix this with the video….

It is designed as a fail-safe plan to if ONE thing doesn’t work, we’ll have another.

I don’t want you to think “yea right that’ll never work”

I was told by my instructor this one tip of advice that I’ve always LOVED… “Those who say they can and those who say they can’t are both usually right” (probably not his exact quote but I’m sure he paraphrased)

And it’s right. If you believe in it and you go at it with 200% tenacity, you’ll get it. But if you’re hesitant with the approach and you’re unfamiliar with it by not training it enough, you will definitely not succeed.

Everything shown in this video is a NAKED TECHNIQUE meaning that we’re not including eye gouges, spitting, screaming, distraction, slaps, etc. We’re showing the drill and technique for the sake of LEARNING… Not displaying the full totality of going-at-it in a real street fight because you as the audience will not be able to learn adequately.

The devil is in the detail

With that being said, watch with an open mind. Try and absorb the information provided. It works. HANDS DOWN.

Whether you’re a BJJ athlete, Krav Maga practitioner, Bouncer, Security Detail, etc. This WORKS. If you properly drill this down, I can guarantee you that you’ll learn something from this video. Whether it be a small wrist lock, or a secure hold. You’ll find something that may work for you.

Maybe you don’t like one of the locks, sure. Not a big deal. Just take what you like and approach it with your own taste. Make it yours.

Having said that….

Enjoy my friends,

Mark Anthony