Your Insecurities is Society’s Profit

Where are your strengths in a world where they constantly emphasize your weaknesses?

It’s becoming more apparent that we’re living in a world where the expectation is unrealistic. We’re constantly bombarded against fake and photoshopped models. We’re told how we’re suppose to look like. How we’re suppose to “feel” like. How we’re suppose to walk, talk, and behave like.

From the clothes you wear to the cars you drive, even as far as what you determine success to be, is somehow outside influenced. Fight Club rings so ever true today.

They’re making us focus on our weaknesses the entire time so that we’re always chasing the next “thing” to fix. When was the last time that you honestly sat down and said you’re 200% satisfied? No matter what you achieve, society will somehow always tell you that there’s another “thing” to chase.

Realizing that this is an issue is the key.

Insecurities lead to profit. Just think about it for a second….

Fat loss? Acne? Hair loss? Penis Enlargement? Get Rich Quick Schemes? The list goes on… Without insecurities, a large majority of corporations would easily go bankrupt overnight. You see- without insecurities, many people are happy. If people are happy, people are complacent. If people are complacent, people are happy right where they are. If they’re happy right where they are then industries lose a large part of their business.

Industry goals are to make you insecure.

Your objective is to find out EXACTLY what you’re insecure about and truly understand why you are insecure about it. Because if you truly want to overcome it, sure. But if you find that you’re only trying to overcome it because of someone else forcing their opinion down your throat then you’ve clearly been misled.

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