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How Do I Write?

Who can write?

Everyone can write on Medium. Click your face in the upper right-hand corner of the Medium homepage and then select “New story” to start writing.

Why can I still not write?

You’re probably using an unsupported browser.

Writing is only available in Chrome, Firefox, our iOS app, and…

You’ve got mail

 A new email app for iPad aims to change your email experience

With a host of email applications out there, including the default Apple mail app…

Crowdfunding? Better Calculate Your Emotional Burn Rate

It’s higher than you think

At 3 am EST on December 5, 2013, the crowdfunding project that sparks and…

Dragon and Princess

A new expansion for Carcassonne

As the end of the year draws nearer and nearer we all await the most anticipated event for young and old: A new

Tornado Season 

A Poem for Alabama 

It tickled me, the way hate come

through. Felt like tornado season.

The air felt different, like somethin’

was comin’. Them news types ain’t

knowed it. I knowed it. You have ta

know ‘em. Comes from livin’ yo life

Why Your Startup Org Chart is not Pointless

We just need to reframe our prespective.

Marc Barros is a smart guy. He has done a bunch of cool stuff. You might…


Every human must have got into trouble in their life. Trouble exist to make us better, if we think it further and can solve it with all of high uncomplaining. However, the most of people do not want to be trapped in some troubles. They want to be free and enjoy their life very much, though almost all successful people achieve their dreams after pass so many kind of trouble. One of…

The Most Valuable Thing I Ever Made, A Button

Allow anyone with a debit card to send money through this elegant “pay me” button.

Downloadable buttons

Oxidane: A Novel in Gifs, 1.4

“I think she is a feral child.” This was the end result of our investigations.

Easy vs Hard

The interesting worlds of “easy” and “hard” from the eyes of an investor

Let’s say you have two choices

No comment on medium! Enter Twitter…

An absolute possible but far fetched idea 

When I first found medium, I could not believe that so minimal blogging platform…

Whimsical, Musical, Just a Tad Suessical:

A Parent’s Plunge into the Wacky World of Silly Stories and Loony Lullabies

In the years before my little boy entered kindergarten, he struggled valiantly with the aftereffects of a complicated, premature birth. He had spent the first 9 days of his life in a blindingly bright, extremely noisy neonatal intensive…

Mozzarella, Broccoli, Spinach Wrap

The empty fridge at the end of the semester calls for creativity!

 On visual arts and feelings.

A treatise on art and our sensibilities.

Visual arts is one of the purest form of human creations. With repect to literary…

Oxidane: A Novel in Gifs, 1.3

So you entered, elbow-first, like a lever—but also like a wedge between Tacey and me.

The Work / Work Balance

Time will make you money, but no amount of money can buy you time.

A month ago I got home from work in the early hours of the morning…

Unconfirmed Draft of Salesforce, New NEW Response

A Third Open Letter to Developers

Dear Developers,

We have considered, yet again, your concerns regarding the 1 Million Dollar Hackathon and the legitimacy of our new selection of winners.

In an effort to be transparent and after reviewing our findings we have come to this…

Behance rebrand

Giving the old Behance logo a makeover

Behance is the leading online platform for creatives to showcase their work.A lot of creatives and leading…

The L and D of T

Things about Death and Life

L and D of T

The Beginning of beginnings

Cliche mornings and a last Morning

Cliche conclusions and a last Conclusion

Fallen conformity until the final Conformity

The L and D of T

Dear White Man on Wall Street…

Sincerely, the rest of U.S.

To the white man on Wall Street with the Ivy League education, Upper East Side apartment, and house in the…

Look What I Made
Look What I Made

A place to share the results of your hard work.

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