To those who've always had my back!

I am selling something! But if you are reading this, you know me well enough to know I am never going to recommend something I don’t absolutely believe in.

So this is it — I need people to hear about Please spread the word it is a good thing you are promoting. Maslowed.Me is all about using analytics to help users find their passion. Right now, Maslowed.Me offers the user a creative way to brand themselves. We believe that a resume that just talks about your education and experience, with a few keywords thrown in is redundant and Maslowed.Me provides a solution. Maslowed.Me is trying to work on this — Getting the real you represented on paper! What if your unique attributes were quantified and expressed?

And to show you I am grateful I have something special planned

You get a personalized beautiful handwritten note!

  • For every 60 users you bring

You get my special treats you get to pick — I can bake you cupcakes, lasagna or quiche! Or my very own kebabs…

  • For every 100 users you bring

You win an Amazon voucher ORou get featured on Maslowed Stories and I get to write about you!

Thank you for being my hero, yet again!
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