Voices of Altamira Caves

The voices of Altamira

We came from the lands wiped clean,
vast expanses of capsuled rock.
Frozen flashes of time and stone,
pristine blankets of white.

Ridged white marble,
that impassive stone
bleeds itself, the only trace that we were there.
And as we felt with our fingertips,
we bled a little too.

Of horses and mammoths
Of scribbles and blemishes,
we write our stories anew.

Of facts and lore
we write afresh.
The walls are our canvas too.

We write not to be read,
we speak not to be heard.
And though we say nothing
and everything,
we believed in the multitudes.

We had dreams and some hope,
we had nightmares and oblivion too.

Of lions and lambs
we wrote,
so did you.

The silent nights
filled our days,
now they fill your graveyards.

You will never hear a beating heart now,
but once our hearts sang in rhythm too.

We are not figments of imagination,
yours or ours.
You are everything we imagined in the abyss
of time, of space and people too.

Our visions were clouded by ice and dust,
our dreams looked to the sun.

Shadows were our friends,
those fleeting fiends
and through the sands they came to you.

They beckon you
to our eternal tombs.
They hail you
with haunting whispers.

For once foes and friends
the shadows,
our messengers, will have you know;
That once,
we were here too.