It’s getaway time

Vancouver, show us what you got!

We know our community loves to travel. During the summer you guys have been hanging out in Hawaii, The Dutch Antilles, La Douce France, Cape Town and Hongkong. This just to name a few of the over 80 holiday locations we saw popping up in Look.

But as the Millennial saying goes, “a month without travel is a month lost”, it’s time to introduce you to our September travel destiny…

Vancouver, you’re up

One of the hotbeds of the metropolitan Canadian lifestyle. Vancouver has so much to offer. From stunning beaches over amazing architecture to sensational wining and dining. There’s nothing this city doesn’t have.

So it was about time to get our travel eyes on the ground and take you on a trip through this urban jungle. More specifically, we will be following 4 international friends during their city tripping madness.

Be part of it

If you feel like virtually exploring Vancouver, be sure to check out Look from September 27 to September 29. If you have special requests, then use our request-based live streaming functionality to get to see what you really want to see. How about that.

See you in Canada. Peace.