How Lookscope was Born

Hi there, my name is Jay, and I am the creator of the Lookscope app. Thanks for visiting this page. Below is the story of how I started working on the Lookscope app. I hope you will enjoy it!

When I was younger, I happened to accumulate a load of nice clothes. Sometimes, I received fashionable garments and accessories from my sister and mom as gifts, or other times, I went out and bought pretty expensive clothes that I thought were pretty cool (I had zero knowledge of fashion at the time). Regardless of how I got these nice clothes, I ended up not wearing many of these clothes often enough or at all because I didn’t know how to “properly use” them with other items I had. For example, I knew how to use t-shirts, hoodies, and jeans but when it comes to shirts or jackets with an interesting color, pattern or feature, I was like, ‘ Umm… How should I wear this thing? 🤔’

A typical scenario back then…

At the time, it wasn’t a big problem because I could just stick to what I felt comfortable wearing (e.g., t-shirts, jeans and hoodies). But one day, I got really frustrated because when I was doing a deep cleaning of my apartment, I discovered that I had like six big boxes of clothes, shoes, and accessories (e.g., ties) that were just taking up space without being used for years! What was even more painful was that the majority of these clothes were actually in good condition. Moreover, I still appreciated their style, so I didn’t want just to throw them away.

One of the six boxes filled with unused clothes. Look at the price tag still on that cashmere sweater!

I felt so bad because these clothes reminded me of two things:

  1. How much these items cost my family or me when I got them (probably hundreds of dollars if not thousands), and
  2. The fact that the money spent to buy these items was basically being wasted as a result of me not using them enough (or, should I say not knowing how to use them? 😅).

When I was searching for solutions, I also read about what really successful people like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg do (wearing the same outfit every day). But while I thought it’d be a great way to simplify my decision-making, I was like, but what do I do with all these clothes that I have already? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Also, I still wanted some variety in my wardrobe and also being able to change my style from time to time based on my mood.

I wanted to do something to improve the situation and turn my essentially wasted money into an investment that returns a substantial utility value. I did not want to feel the pain of seeing my or my family’s money being wasted for the same reason again. That’s when I wrote the first lines of code for my app.

I worked on the app for about a year before launching it onto the App Store. I also got some help from a few great friends along the way for the visual aspects of the app. Check out what outcome my frustration about unused clothes led to by visiting the app page (Click or tap below 👇).

Have you had a similar experience before? I’d love to hear! Please comment below or email me at

Thanks for reading my story!