A Look Back at 2019 — Loom Network Is Live, Audited, Battle-Tested, and Pulling Way Ahead 🔥

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Jan 16, 2020 · 7 min read
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Folks, it’s no secret — some pretty ugly dynamics have emerged throughout the crypto space. And I don’t mean family asking “Isn’t the Bitcoin for criminals?” over the holidays…

Too many projects raised too much money under suspect pretenses, then mostly squandered funds in efforts to pump or prop up their tokens.

There is an unrelenting circuit of global crypto conferences, sensational marketing campaigns, big partnership announcements that never came to be, and shifty market making to lift volumes to the high heavens and beyond.

All the while, many of them never got around to actually building or shipping anything 🙃

Somewhere along the way, the lines got blurred between delivering marketing hype and actually delivering real products. Let’s all take a moment and snap back to reality. Loom Network already has a REAL scalable and interoperable blockchain that’s live, audited, battle-tested, and as smooth as a fresh jar of Skippy®

Loom has continued to believe in the tech and the new possibilities it opens up… and we continue to do our part to push things forward.

Now more than ever, we believe the builders will win.

As 2020 gets under way, we thought it a good opportunity to take stock of things…

ICYMI, Basechain Did 16M+ Transactions and Has 68K Wallets!

From day 1, our goal has always been to help developers build and scale their blockchain applications. We maintain that, in earnest, and are still insanely focused on making it happen.

You probably won’t find us at the next flashy Blockchain Week, because we’ll likely be hustling to ship our next wave of production releases.

For us, it all started with CryptoZombies, which is still going strong and just about to pass 500,000 users! Then we built more dev tools like EthFiddle.com, which just passed 223,000 users!

Building, experimenting, iterating, and building some more — we continued to launch the Loom SDK, DelegateCall, Relentless and the Loom NTF Marketplace, the world’s first Plasma Cash implementation, the ERC721x token standard, Universal Transaction Signing, and the Staking Dashboard with a Loom Wallet built in.

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That’s some serious coding right there…

In 2019, the core focus became Basechain, our scalable multichain hub.

Basechain is an EVM-compatible chain that gives developers fast and gasless transactions, and automatically integrates with other major networks — Ethereum, Binance, and Tron (plus Bitcoin and more on the way).

The past year has been pretty hardcore — with our dedicated team cranking out killer code at breakneck speeds. So where does Loom Network stand now? Here’s a quick snapshot of 2019:

• 377,246,577 total LOOM tokens staked
• 16,241,076 total transactions
• 150,241 transactions as daily record (27% of Ethereum’s on same day)
• 17,499,792 blocks
• 68,245 accounts created
• 1.6 seconds as average block time
• 22 external Basechain validators
• 6 network production upgrades for Basechain
• 493,792 CryptoZombies users
• 63,271 CryptoZombies learning hours

*All numbers as of December 28, 2019

And not only that, but we’re also in the top 10 most active projects in 2019.

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What it feels like to consistently ship code at Loom 🤘

Who Are the Basechain Validators?

Other projects out there are either just now launching testnets or launching beta mainnets while still running their own nodes.

Meanwhile, Loom Network’s Basechain has been running live in production with a world-class set of external validators since Q4 2018.


Here are the 22 validators on Basechain to date:

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Who Is Building on Loom?

Dozens of projects are building on Loom Network and bunch have launched already. Keep in mind that countless blockchain projects are meandering about out there — yet so few actually have a working product and they simply aren’t able to deploy anywhere yet.

Also note, we have never paid any developers to deploy on Loom. They do so because the tools are real and they work (we’ll get into the benefits below).

But first, here are a few of the teams already live in production on Loom Network.

Axie Infinity

Strategy / Collectibles Game → axieinfinity.com

Neon District

RPG / Collectibles Game → neondistrict.io


Shipping and Supply Chains → shipchain.io


Decentralized Finance → alicefi.com


Strategy Game → cryptowars.jp


Fantasy Sport / Collectibles Game sorare.com


Social Currency → cryptoraves.space

Clever Flare

E-learning platform → cleverflare.com


Strategy / Collectibles Game → blocklords.io

Plasma Bears

Crafting / Collectibles Game → plasmabears.com

Hey Network

Social Network → hey.network

Crazy House

Provably-fair Casino → crazyhouse.games

Proof on the Block

Document Verification → proofontheblock.com

Rock Paper Scissors PvP

Rock Paper Scissors Game → rockpaperscissors.win

Tropical Dice

Provably-fair Dice Game → tropicaldice.win

Those are just a few of the developers that will be using our scalable and interoperable blockchain tech — dozens more are actively building and getting ready to deploy.

Here are some of the projects with development in progress:

  • MakerDAO
  • Ministry of Digital Economy and Society of Thailand + Siriraj Hospital
  • YellowHeart
  • Terra Virtua
  • LevX
  • DimeDrop.io
  • Somnium Space
  • OpuCoin
  • Nova Blitz
  • Toonize.me
  • BadBit Games
  • and many more…

Why Are Developers Choosing Loom Network?

Don’t just take our word for it. It’s probably best to hear from the community and developers themselves:

“We have been huge fans of [their] scaling solution for a while now. Basically, Loom’s tech will allow us to make the game we’ve always wanted without making huge security tradeoffs for scalability.”
– Axie Infinity 👆

“@AliceFinance requires no fee, no limit on withdrawal but provides a super-fast performance (1–3 seconds confirmation) fueled by @loomnetwork
– AliceFi 👆

“Loom is the Heroku/middleware for apps to deploy on any platform.”
– Michael Ng from StakeWithUs

“When it comes to Loom Network’s approach, it’s not just about solving problems for developers. It makes the entire experience for users considerably more fluid too.”
– DappRadar 👆

“What’s so exciting about Loom Network is that they’ve actually built and deployed a product where so many scaling solutions have lived as white papers and marketing speak.”
– Coin Central 👆

“The gaming industry is ripe for disruption. @loomnetwork is expanding the market, changing the #gaming experience and shifting the power away from corporations to the gamers themselves.”
– ConsenSys 👆

A lot of people love what we have to offer. And we’ll continue to turn heads by driving forward at full speed — advancing our tech and offering way more value for everyone in this space.

Loom Hereby Declares a Moratorium on Pointless Conferences and Empty Marketing Hype!

It is time to build… and Basechain is the platform to help you do that.

So then, you may be wondering…

“Why should I deploy my dapp to Basechain?”

It’s a great question.

The main reason is clear, as mentioned above: Basechain is already live, audited, battle-tested, and running smooth. We are succeeding where others aren’t.

In fact, there are many reasons you should deploy your dapp to Basechain. Here are some great ones:

  1. Frictionless User Experience:
    Absolutely no gas fees for your users
  2. Lightning-Fast Confirmations:
    1–3 second confirmation times
  3. Top-Notch Security:
    World-class validators, millions of dollars in value staked by thousands of delegators, and audited by Trail of Bits
  4. Multichain Integration:
    Get instant access to all major chains, such as Ethereum, Binance Chain, and Tron (with Bitcoin on the way)
  5. No Chain Congestion:
    Avoid transaction congestion — like what happens on Ethereum mainnet when dapps require seriously high throughput
    *ᶜᵒᵘᵍʰ* ᶜʳʸᵖᵗᵒᵏᶦᵗᵗᶦᵉˢ *ᶜᵒᵘᵍʰ*
  6. Easy Deployment:
    EVM compatible and Solidity smart contract supported — deploying to Basechain is as easy as deploying to Ethereum
  7. Wallet Compatibility:
    Fully compatible with MetaMask and other major Ethereum wallets with our Universal Transaction Signing
  8. Developer Support:
    We’re here for you every step of the way with our multi-language documentation site, live Loom SDK support, and a general Developer Chat
  9. Already Live in Production:
    Believe it or not, these tools are live, functional, and ready for you to useso you can launch your dapp today without any headaches!

That’s just a small glimpse into the benefits of running a dapp on Loom Network’s Basechain.

It’s just the beginning, folks… We’ve got many more years ahead full of innovation and expansion of our blockchain tech 😎

So if you’ve got an dapp written in Solidity, then go ahead and deploy to Basechain in a few simple steps (the same as deploying to Ethereum) — and become one of the first to be truly interoperable in 2020.

Loom Network is the multichain interop platform for scaling high-performance dapps — already live in production, audited, and battle-tested.

Deploy your dapp to Loom’s Basechain once and reach the widest possible user base across all major blockchains today.

New to Loom? Start here.

Want to stake your LOOM tokens and help secure Basechain? Find out how.

Like what we’re doing here? Stay in the loop by signing up for our private mailing list.

Loom Network

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🤖 Robert

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Loom Network

Building a distributed enterprise platform for managing data — focused on healthcare providers and government departments.

🤖 Robert

Written by

Marketing | Design | Communication | Team Lead

Loom Network

Building a distributed enterprise platform for managing data — focused on healthcare providers and government departments.

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