Binance Fans: Purchase Limited Edition Zombie Battleground Card Packs, and Get a Chance to Win $10,000 in BNB Prizes 💰

TL;DR: To celebrate the addition of BNB as a payment method to Loom PlasmaChain, we’re offering collectible Binance-themed Zombie Battleground cards for a limited time only.

You’ll also have a chance to win surprise rewards of up to 30 BNB (~$430) with every pack you buy, as well as this ultra-rare “Funds are SAFU” trading card:

For a limited time, you have a chance to win one of the few copies of this epic “Funds are SAFU” trading card ☝

Promotion Details:

  • Use your existing BNB tokens (or ETH) to buy Zombie Battleground card packs
  • Cards you buy during this promotion will have a special, collector’s edition Binance card back (click to view)
  • Get a chance to find FREE BNB tokens in every pack — with a guaranteed minimum of $10,000 USD value in prizes!
When you see the Binance “Funds are SAFU” card getting dropped in a live Zombie Battleground tournament…

This offer is ONLY available for a limited time.

🚨 In fact, you should stop reading this and go get your card packs RIGHT NOW.

By the way…

If you are wondering…

What is Zombie Battleground?

Zombie Battleground is a strategic, adrenaline-pumping, loot-filled trading card game that runs 100% on the blockchain.

With over 2184+ players joining every week — It’s one of the fastest growing blockchain games.

What you are about to get yourself into…

The coolest part?

Zombie Battleground is available on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC and…

…it DOESN’T require players to install MetaMask or be a crypto nerd to play it.

In other words — even children and technology Luddites who aren’t familiar with blockchain can play Zombie Battleground.

That’s how accessible it is.

Zombie Battleground is one of the most accessible (and fastest growing) mainstream blockchain card games in existence.

Oh, just in case you didn’t read any of the above…

Exclusive Card Packs are now available for BNB and ETH Holders — (+Surprise Rewards) 🚨

So, check this out…

At the moment, your BNB tokens can be used for things like:

  • Paying for gas in the Binance ecosystem
  • Paying for trading fees on Binance
  • Purchasing stuff with the Monaco Visa card & mobile app
  • Purchasing virtual gifts on the Uplive platform

Which is a decent start…

But — what’s the point of holding BNB tokens if you can’t slay virtual zombies and put all your enemies on notice? 🤔

I don’t know about you — but, if I can’t slay virtual zombies with my BNB tokens for bragging rights — might as well cash in my chips.

You see…

Until today — Zombie Battleground cards could be only purchased with ETH or a credit card.

Luckily — life is about to become a lot more fun (and bloodier — in a good way) because…

Starting today, we’ve integrated BNB tokens to be usable on Loom PlasmaChain — which means any PlasmaChain DApp can now accept BNB for payments, including Zombie Battleground.

…and to celebrate, we’ll be kicking it off with a limited-time promotion for the most die-hard Binance fans.

In fact, you’ll only be able to get Binance-backed Zombie Battleground cards (and the ultra-rare “Funds are SAFU” card) for the duration of this promotion.

After the promotion is over, your cards will be provably scarce collectible assets on the blockchain — and the only way to get them will be to buy them from other collectors on a P2P marketplace.

So — what are you waiting for?

Go ahead — get your own exclusive Zombie Battleground card packs 😎

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