Hosted by Chinese Indie Game Alliance, part of the largest GameJam in China, and spanning 8 major cities in China.

Luke Zhang
Jun 13, 2018 · 3 min read
Join us in Beijing and Shanghai for an intense 48-hour weekend Hackathon.

48 Hours of Madness — To challenge your skills to the extreme, make friends, and go from absolutely zero to a fully finished blockchain game.

For every Chinese game developer in the know, the China Indie Game Alliance hosts the absolute largest and most insane game jams each year. They started from being part of the massive GlobalGameJam (which takes place in January, and is run by the same folks), but with the dates awfully close to Chinese New Year, a second, larger GameJam occurs each summer. Last year, over a thousand game developers took part in this gruelling 48-hour long competition, and a ton of games were born as a result.

Over a thousand game developers across 9 cities came out last year for 48 hours of insane work and fun.

The concept is a simple one — on the evening of Friday, July 6th, all the game developers form teams and the theme of this year’s event is revealed. They then have the next 48 hours to plan, design, execute, and polish their interpretation of this theme to an actual playable game. Food and drinks will be free and abundant — anything to help the game developers survive and code faster. While this GameJam spans 8 cities, the Beijing and Shanghai ones (estimated to attract 400 developers in total) are part of the blockchain special.

Loom SDK — Built for Indie Game Developers

Every developer that comes to the Shanghai and Beijing locations will be given a copy of Loom’s SDK free of charge, as well as example game implementations that covers every conceivable need. It is estimated that Unity and Cocos account for over 95% of indie developers in China. We have painstakingly crafted SDKs and example games for both of these game engines and more.

Loom SDK supports Unity, Cocos, and much more…

Loom Brings Friends — Cobo Wallet and DappReview

China’s #1 Dapp data/review site and one of China’s most popular wallets come together with Loom Network to sponsor the Beijing and Shanghai GameJams.

We brought some friends along with us. Dapp.Review is the leading Dapp statistics and review site in China, with a huge following on social media. They bring us detailed analyses about what has worked in blockchain gaming so far, what trends will emerge, as well as general guidelines and inspirations. Cobo is the most feature-rich wallet and one of the most popular wallet/dapp browsers in China. They will bring with them their Cobo SDK, which will support native deeplinking (which Loom SDK integrates with).

Coverage From All Chinese Gaming

Don’t worry, we’ll bring you minute-to-minute coverage and comments as well, just in case you don’t watch any of these Chinese media channels 🙂

Apply Now!

It all going down July 6–8 in Beijing and Shanghai…

Don’t miss out… get those fingers moving, click this link, and get your application in.

We’ll see you there!

Beijing Location:

Shanghai Location:
上海市虹口区柳营路8号德必运动LOFT L座6楼

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