🧟 CryptoZombies Goes Global! 🌎 Meetups Around the World, Coming to a City Near You

Last week, we announced the much-anticipated revival of CryptoZombies! As our co-founder James touched on, we initially launched the course with the aim of helping to train the next generation of blockchain engineers, and it quickly took on a life of its own.

In the blink of an eye, it exploded to become one of the go-to resources for learning Ethereum development.

Since its launch in December 2017, CryptoZombies has been translated into 9 languages and is just about to pass 300,000 students.

Since Then, Meetups Have Started to Form Organically Around the World

We’ve been completely blown away at the extraordinary global community that’s formed around the course.

The user base now spans 200+ countries, and has been adopted by groups and events across the world — Tokyo, Honduras, Sydney, Cape Town, Atlanta, San Fran, Rwanda, Copenhagen, and beyond…

The Zombie army going strong in South Africa 💪

Given it was designed to make Solidity development as easy and accessible as possible, we’ve also seen a vast range of users diving in — from young kids, to Fred Wilson, to Ethereum OGs, to seasoned engineers transitioning into the decentralized sphere.

Official CryptoZombies Meetups: Help Us Bring Zombies to YOUR City

With the impending launch of Season 2 in November, we’ll be creating a network of CryptoZombies meetups around the world to help even more people learn how to build Ethereum DApps.

We’re currently working with a number of groups that have already started weaving the course into their programs and events, and are now opening that up to the whole lot of you 🤗

What we’re looking for:

  • Active groups that are already using CryptoZombies, but want to partner with Loom to bring it to the next level
  • Existing Ethereum or blockchain-related groups that have yet to delve into the course, but whose communities would love a fun way to master Solidity development
  • A nascent blockchain developer scene emerging in your home city, and you’d be interested in organizing a new group from scratch

If any of these apply, let us know through this form here. We’ll follow up to see how we can collaborate and help make things happen.

Developers, Developers, Developers!

Bear markets, bull markets, the cycle goes on and on…

Yet, we’re seeing TONS of incredible development activity and opportunity in the Ethereum ecosystem. After all, we have front row seats through CryptoZombies — watching first-hand just how fast the number of Ethereum developers grows each and every month!

We previously wrote about how Ethereum will be the backbone of the new Internet, and that belief is largely driven by this phenomenal developer community.

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many transactions per second your blockchain can handle if no one is actually using it. And in order to have applications worth using, you need to attract enough developers to build them.”

If that doesn’t convince you, then allow me to recycle this ol’ gem of Mr. Ballmer ever so elegantly driving it home:

Developer adoption and community are everything, and Ethereum is winning.

Point being, there is immense opportunity in helping create the decentralized future and Ethereum has emerged as the platform of choice for developers.

In-Person Meetups: Lowering the Barrier to Getting Started With Blockchain Development

We know it can be an intimidating prospect for aspiring developers to make the leap, and we specifically created CryptoZombies to simplify and smooth that transition.

To lower the barrier even further, we’ll begin partnering with local organizers to bring their communities together through more in-person events and workshops.

Past meetups have proven a fantastic way to introduce new folks to the space, get them up to speed, connect curious minds, share knowledge and resources, bounce around ideas, build, and maybe even snag some pizza and beer.

Sure, CryptoZombies solo adventures are fun and all, but there’s a certain magic in getting together with fellow devs and hacking your way toward the next killer DApp.

This is how we grow the community and drive the ecosystem forward!

…did I mention that you get to create your own Zombie army?

Want to Be Involved? Get In Touch

CryptoZombies is all about getting more people building and launching real-world blockchain apps. The Ethereum community is picking up steam, but it’s still early days and we’ve got a ways to go.

If you’re interested in bringing CryptoZombies to your home city — let us know here.

If organizing isn’t your thing, no worries! Stay tuned for announcements on when and where meetups will be happening near you.

(BTW, Season 2 will be released soon! Get ready to start digging into some absolutely mind-bending topics — sidechain deployment, Plasma Cash, multi-fungible tokens, custom game mods, and more. 🤯)

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