Europe’s First Blockchain Game Hackathon (with Loom’s Unity SDK) is Coming to Oslo, Norway: from August 24–26! 🌍

Jun 21, 2018 · 3 min read
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Join us in Oslo for our first Hackathon in Europe.

TL;DR: We are pleased to invite you to attend our first European hackathon, in beautiful Oslo, Norway, from August 24–26, co-hosted by our friends at Blockchangers. If you are an experienced blockchain or game developer and would like to apply, please email your portfolio to with the subject “Oslo Hackathon” to be considered. — Deadline to apply is August 5th, 2018. (Here’s the official Facebook event.)

In the rare chance that you aren’t aware…

Our first hackathon was in Tokyo, Japan (on May 26th, 2018), where after JUST 9 hours of hacking together code (on Loom’s Unity SDK) — 7 functional DApps were created from scratch by some of the most creative Unity developers in Japan.

Next up, from July 6th to July 8th, 2018, we will be stopping by Beijing and Shanghai to see how some of the most talented Chinese blockchain (and game) developers will apply Loom’s SDK to build and deploy cool DApps on Ethereum.

Then, we will be stopping by King’s College in London to continue this hackathon party!

So, since we are globetrotting around the world like a caravan full of nerds spreading this blockchain gospel far and wide…

Our Next Stop Must Be: Oslo, Norway 🌍

Ah yes!

The Nordic land where non-coffee drinkers are condemned while talented blockchain developers are praised!

After much anticipation…

We have partnered up with our friends at Blockchangers (which is a blockchain consultancy and development shop in Oslo) to run another iteration of our world famous hackathon using Loom’s SDK.

The DEADLINE for the applications is August 5th. You can still apply past the deadline — but spots cannot be guaranteed.

Since we are interested in continuously shipping product and staying close to developers who are using our SDK — running grassroots-level hackathons like these are beneficial to everyone.

How to Apply (+Event Details)

If you are interested in attending the hackathon, please follow the directions on this official facebook event.

In this event, you will be given an open-source game that’s already integrated with the Loom SDK (called The Adventures of Etherboy in Blockchain World) along with the SDK itself.

At the end of the event, you’ll be judged by a panel from both Loom Network and our friends at Blockchangers — and the finalists will win exciting prizes as well as an opportunity to be hired by Loom Network or Blockchangers (full-time or part-time).

Prerequisites for attendance

  • Experience with Unity development (this is a MUST)
  • Interest in building apps on Ethereum (technical knowledge not required — the Loom Network team will be at the event to help you through building your first DApp)
  • Laptop (macOS/Linux/Windows 10)
  • Energy, Enthusiasm, and Creativity

Which city should we stop by next? (+How to organize a Loom Hackathon in YOUR city)

Like I mentioned above…

In addition to Oslo, Tokyo, Beijing, and Shanghai — we are planning on organizing a lot more hackathons all around the world.

We are interested in cities with a high density of blockchain and game developers.

So, if you are capable of co-hosting and co-organizing a Loom SDK hackathon in your city, please get in touch with us by emailing 😉

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