CryptoZombies in Full Effect — Announcing Two New Advanced Solidity Lessons on Smart Contract Testing and Dapp Deployment

Luke Zhang
Loom Network
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4 min readNov 6, 2019


Loom Network is releasing two new interactive and bite-sized courses on CryptoZombies.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost two years since we launched CryptoZombies and our first lesson on smart contract programming.

Soon after we launched CryptoZombies, Fred Wilson wrote about A Fun Way To Learn To Create Dapps in Solidity and helped our code school became known all over the world.

And since then, CryptoZombies has been translated into 11 languages, and we’ve seen over 450,000 people go through it.

We’re grateful for all the positive feedback we get from the community and media outlets about this dev learning resource. This could be because we designed it to be super intuitive, interactive, and fun — even children are learning to code with CryptoZombies!

In the meantime, we’ve also been receiving a lot of requests from developers asking us to make some lessons on smart contract testing and dapp deployment. You’re probably aware that failing to test your smart contracts is a great way to get hacked and lose all your money. Not cool.

And of course, what’s the fun in writing smart contracts if you can’t deploy your dapps to a production-ready, high-performance blockchain like Basechain 😉

So today, we’re giving you just that.

We’re releasing two new interactive and bite-sized courses that cover Smart Contract Testing and Dapp Deployment with Truffle.

We’ll walk you through the details step by step, showing you best practices and providing example code in an fun, interactive manner — just like our other CryptoZombies courses.

Let’s take a look at the overview of both courses:

Testing Smart Contracts with Truffle

This new lesson covers:

  • setting up your development environment for testing with Truffle suite,
  • an introduction to Mocha,
  • how to write assertions and test cases with smart contracts, and
  • an example of how we test our Zombie contract.

Deploying Dapps with Truffle

This new lesson covers:

  • setting up the Truffle suite,
  • writing migrations,
  • configuring your deployer, and
  • deploying to Ethereum and Basechain.

If you ever wanted a quick and interactive guide that shows you everything you need to know for deployment, here it is!

Helping Advanced Developers Reach the Next Level

Loom Network is all about empowering dapp developers and helping bring mass adoption of blockchain technology. We want to usher in the next generation of blockchain devs with up-to-date knowledge on the latest technologies.

These two new courses we’re adding are aimed at advanced developers who are almost ready to launch their million-dollar dapp. Each lesson will take anywhere around 45–90 minutes to complete, and they should save you the many more hours it would’ve taken to figure all this stuff out by yourself.

What’s more, these courses may even give you a few marketable skills you can add to your résumé 😎

The team has been putting in a ton of work with these new courses, so we’ve decided to charge a small fee for each lesson — the cost of a large coffee, which is the fuel we need to write more lessons and courses (contrary to popular belief, zombies actually run on caffeine).

Our introductory lessons on smart contract programming will remain totally free — and anyone starting out with writing smart contracts should begin there:

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Feel free to reach out to us in our Telegram Dev Chat or on the Loom Network Subreddit.

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